One sign or earn 100000 new shares, three months to soar 18 times, chip stocks were born

 One sign or earn 100000 new shares, three months to soar 18 times, chip stocks were born

One sign or earn 100000 new shares

For many investors, the thing we cant forget today is to apply for new shares. There are three new shares issued today, namely hengxuan technology, HangYa technology and cubic pharmaceutical. These three new shares have the most interesting point is hengxuan technology. Hengxuan technology, a new stock on the science and technology innovation board, was issued at a price of 162.07 yuan, and the amount of 500 shares signed by Zhongyi was more than 80000 yuan.

According to the public information, hengxuan technology is one of the worlds leading intelligent audio SOC chip design enterprises. The company has become a leading supplier in the field of intelligent audio SOC chips in the world. Its products and technical capabilities have been widely recognized by customers. Hengxuan is one of the few chip design companies in Mainland China that can compete with international giants such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. The company has been awarded the China IC Design Achievement Award by eetimes for two consecutive years, and is the executive director of the Council of China electronic audio industry association. At present, the companys products have entered the mainstream Android mobile phone brands in the world, including Huawei, Samsung, oppo, Xiaomi and moto, etc., and also occupy an important position among professional audio manufacturers, and enter into the first-class brands including Harman, JBL, AKG, Sony, Skullcandy, magic and rambler.

Obviously, the company has a very strong technology color. Assuming that the first day of listing rose 1.2 times, you can earn 100000.

Another new stock of HangYa technology is also quite interesting. HangYa technology is a professional manufacturer of high-performance components in the field of aero-engine and medical orthopedics, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of aero-engine key components and medical orthopedic implant forgings, including aero-engine compressor blades, rotating parts and structural parts (blisk, disk ring, gearbox, rectifier, etc.), medical orthopedic implant forgings (hip) Cup, hip handle, tibial plateau and other high-performance parts, the issue price is 8.17 yuan.

Pro cycle leader suffered from drop limit

Chip stocks rise 18 times in 3 months

In recent years, the price of key semiconductor components has been rising in rotation. This time, it is the turn of power management IC and MCU. Taiwan Economic Daily reported that the price of power management IC and MCU had been raised again. According to market reports, Japans Renesas Electronics will adjust the prices of power management IC and other products from January 1, next year, while Taiwan factory Zhixin is also considering adjusting the prices of some products through negotiation, and its main products include power management IC. In addition, due to the global shortage of MCU, shengqun, Lingtong, Songhan, Hongkang and Xintang in Taiwan have recently or synchronously adjusted their quotations, and some items have increased by more than 10%. The delivery period of nissa has been extended to more than four months, and the same phenomenon has occurred in relevant Taiwan factories.

Specific to individual stocks, at present, the domestic first echelon of MCU enterprises are mainly Zhaoyi innovation and Zhongying electronics. New era Securities said that under the rising price trend, upstream material manufacturers such as Anji technology, Jingrui shares, China Resources micro and other power device IDM manufacturers, downstream Changdian technology, Tongfu microelectronics and other sealing and testing manufacturers are expected to continue to benefit.

In early trading today, some chip concept stocks also rose sharply, with Yaxiang integrated trading limit. Danbang technology, Liang micro and Taiwan based shares rose more than 5%. Among them, the second new chip stock, Leon micro, reached a record high again, rising more than 7% in the afternoon. According to public information, lion micro focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of semiconductor materials, semiconductor chips and related products. The company was listed on the main board in September this year, with an issue price of 4.92 yuan and the latest price of 92.98 yuan, with an increase of nearly 18 times in less than three months.

Can the concept of chip come back? According to the statistics of securities times and data treasure, among the chip concept stocks rated by more than five institutions, the biggest rising space is the great wall of China, which is close to 100%. However, only one institution of the stock offered a target price of 28.89 yuan. In addition, Wentai technology, Zhongke Shuguang, Zhichun technology, SMIC international-u, Neusoft carrier and other stocks all had more than 40% growth space. (Chen Jiannan, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368