Big stock market is up for another 6 days?

 Big stock market is up for another 6 days?

Bank of Qingdao led the rise in bank stocks, pulling the word limit board for three consecutive days. Close to the midday close, Zhengzhou bank suddenly raised the limit, Chengdu bank, Xiamen bank, etc. rose one after another.

The fund passes the bureau to wash out also

Bank of Qingdao, as a small market value stock in bank stocks, has risen by 41.93% on Thursday, driven by the pro cyclical market.

On November 30, the rise of Bank of Qingdao surpassed Xiamen bank, which has been regarded as a promising sub IPO, and occupied the leading position of bank stocks. The turnover rate was as high as 20.81%, which was on the dragon and tiger list.

Subsequently, multiple capital at the same time on the rise of the gratifying financial small cap stocks. From November 30 to December 2, the Bank of Qingdao has been on the dragon and tiger list for three consecutive days.

According to the dragon and tiger list on November 30, institutional seats and Shenzhen Stock connect were sold for 4 and 5 seats, respectively, selling 5.031 million yuan and 4.731 million yuan, respectively, without the chance of the two price limit boards since then.

Shanghai Branch of Huaxin securities, a well-known hot money seat, appeared in the list of Bank of Qingdao on December 1 and December 2.

On December 1, the seat appeared in both buy two and sell three positions. On December 2, in a 3-day list of Bank of Qingdao, Shanghai Branch of Huaxin Securities Co., Ltd. bought one seat and sold four seats at the same time, buying 53.2928 million yuan and selling 25.6643 million yuan at the same time.

Open the K-line chart of Guosheng financial holding, from November 26 to December 3, five trading limit boards were harvested in six days, becoming the leading stock of this round of securities market.

Guosheng financial holding has been on the dragon and tiger list for five consecutive trading days. From November 26 to November 30, all the buying seats on the list were occupied by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but selling one seat was also Shenzhen Stock connect. The phenomenon of backhand selling after buying was very obvious.

In the past two trading days, well-known hot money took turns to raise Guosheng financial holding, beating drums and spreading flowers to push up the share price.

On the list on December 2, there were four powerful sales departments. The first one is industrial securities Shaanxi Branch. The seat was bought 84.1139 million yuan and sold 1.435 million yuan. The net purchase amount was 82.6789 million yuan. In the past three months, the seat has been listed 80 times, ranking ninth in strength.

Further analysis of the hot money seats involved in the speculation shows that industrial securities Shaanxi Branch also participated in the speculation of rainbow shares in six companies, and appeared in the second buy seat of TCL technology on December 2, with a net purchase amount of 398 million yuan.

Investors interviewed said that in view of the hot speculation of hot money, individual stocks are prone to large fluctuations in stock prices. If investors chase higher prices and encounter the sky floor from limit to limit in a single day, they are afraid to encounter large losses. This risk should be paid attention to.

The big financial sector has always carried the banner in the rising market of a shares. First, it helped the Shanghai index to stand at 3000 points in early July this year, and even pushed the Shanghai index to touch a high of 3458.79 on July 13.

Recently, the large financial sector valuation repair collective outbreak, what is the reason behind the surge?

Shen wanhongyuan said in the research paper that the rise in interest rates is the best reason for banks to rise. The economic outlook of recovery to overheated in the first half of 2021, combined with the upward trend of weighted average interest rate of loans in the third quarter monetary policy implementation report of the central bank, and the bottom of the growth rate of bank stocks, are enough to support the medium and short-term upward trend of bank stocks.

Can the strength of the big financial sector continue?

For the securities sector, Zhongyuan Securities believes that the duration of this round of rising cycle will surpass that of the past, and the performance high point will surpass that of 2015. The head securities companies are still the first choice of medium and long-term stable allocation, and should actively pay attention to the band investment opportunities of flexible securities companies.

Soochow Securities pointed out that at present, most of the theme stocks are in a weak adjustment pattern, and the large financial sector as a whole plays a role in maintaining market stability. However, we should also guard against the withdrawal of the index after the rise of financial stocks, but after the withdrawal, it is an excellent opportunity for subject stocks to attract low prices.

Soochow securities suggests that investors can continue to pay attention to the opportunities of the supplementary varieties in the large financial sector. Meanwhile, the recent trend of the technology sector is quite different, and some core varieties have quietly strengthened, so they can also pay attention to it properly.