CSRC circular: dont be cheated! These six financial giants are extremely risky

 CSRC circular: dont be cheated! These six financial giants are extremely risky

On December 2, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) reported that there were very high risks in many securities investment platforms and financial big V!

be careful! Six well-known finance and economics big V were informed by China Securities Regulatory Commission

There are very high risks

The website of Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau updated the information on December 2. It was found that the following over-the-counter capital allocation, securities investment platform and financial we media big V have high risks recently, and their operating subjects are not under the supervision of Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau. Please be vigilant, stay away from illegal securities activities and avoid property losses.

Among them, the OTC distribution platform includes Wenxi capital allocation, gold control allocation, Beijing financial integration, Beijing sea strategy, state Rui letter, national capital allocation, stock world distribution, stock best allocation software, WeChat official account - Bull Stock Strategy trading, and offline outsourcing and other 9 platforms.

Micro-blog blogger stock index futures IF, Yu Hui warship, one Ting, stock market spirit alliance, todays headline circle blue investor, and shake the leek tiktok master do not have securities futures investment consulting or investment consultant qualification.

Mr. fund sorted it out.

Most of the well-known financial big V have been cancelled

The fund gentleman also searched, among them, a few finance and economics micro blog big V has been blocked processing!

@Yuhui warship was also named as early as possible.

But @ Yiting is still on Weibo.

But the fund Jun searched, many micro blog users complained online that they had been cheated money to pay members.

@The micro blog of the stock market elves alliance is still there.

And todays headline investor Mr. blue has also been banned. Some users said that it may be the recommendation of stock loss was complained, some said to hot money.

And the tiktok chief steering, who is active in the shaking, seems to have been sealed.

Risk of fund allocation platform prompted by Xinjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau

Xinjiang securities regulatory bureau pointed out that the majority of investors should improve their awareness of risk prevention, stay away from off-site capital allocation, and avoid property losses. If you need financing, please go to a qualified securities and futures company to handle relevant business. If you are cheated by participating in the off-site capital allocation, please report to the local public security organ in time.

Securities regulatory bureaus in many places rectify black mouth of stock market

Recently, the securities regulatory bureaus of Hebei, Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other places have carried out special rectification actions such as black mouth of stock market, illegal recommendation of stocks, off-site capital allocation and related black groups and black app.

As the securities investment consulting business needs to be licensed, a large number of private investors and social media big V are active on various platforms all year round, publishing stock codes and prompting trading points. In addition, relying on group chat, app, live broadcast and other exhibition means, heizui is constantly renovated, and its form is more hidden, and investors are easily deceived.

On November 3, Qinghai Securities Regulatory Bureau issued the special rectification action plan of black mouth of stock market, illegal recommendation of stocks, off-site capital allocation and related black group and black app. This is the third local securities regulatory bureau to announce the special rectification action plan after Hebei and Shenzhen since the CSRC launched the special rectification action in September.

Since the beginning of this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has repeatedly voiced its voice to crack down on off-site capital allocation, with the active cooperation of local securities regulatory bureaus. As of November 8, since the CSRC deployed the special rectification action in September, the securities regulatory bureaus of Hebei, Shenzhen and Qinghai have successively announced special rectification action plans for illegal activities such as black mouth of the stock market, illegal stock recommendation and off-site capital allocation. There are mainly three ways, through the various forces to touch and collect information; with the public security organs to crack down; and to strengthen investor education.

Taking Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau as an example, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau said that it mainly cracked down on three aspects. First, it actively organized and coordinated various forces, mobilized the resources of securities and futures industry associations and securities and futures business institutions in its jurisdiction, unblocked various complaint reporting channels, and made full use of information technology means such as network public opinion monitoring system to take various measures to extensively collect and figure out the key strike of this special action Of illegal activities.

The other is to conduct in-depth cooperation with the Shenzhen public security department. The two sides fully discussed the forms, subjects, subject matter and responsibility identification of relevant illegal behaviors, exchanged intelligence clues and reached an agreement on jointly cracking down on illegal securities and futures activities. In addition, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau will, together with the office of online information technology, the local financial supervision bureau, and the market supervision and Administration Bureau and other relevant departments, conduct centralized investigation and punishment on the illegal phenomena found in the touch and platoon, vigorously clean up the illegal information on the Internet and the media, and resolutely crack down on the relevant black industrial chain and punish them severely.

The third is to carry out all-round, multi angle and wide coverage of investor education activities on how to prevent relevant violations.