Zhang Yixing set up a brokerage company with a registered capital of 10 million and a shareholding of 99percent

 Zhang Yixing set up a brokerage company with a registered capital of 10 million and a shareholding of 99percent

The registered capital is 10 million yuan

The company is wholly owned by Changsha chromosome Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of the latter is Zhang Yixing, holding 99%. After tianyancha app equity penetration, it can be seen that the ultimate beneficiary of Shanghai Sisheng animal culture brokerage Co., Ltd. is Zhang Yixing.

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Only a high school degree? Zhang Yixings incoherent interview reveals cultural level

Netease Entertainment reported on November 13, November 12, a section of Zhang Yixing was interviewed by a newspaper. In the face of reporters questions, Zhang Yixing seemed to be incoherent, confusing personality with being a person, and his answer was also irrelevant. All of these were printed in black and white. It can be said that this interview fully exposed Zhang Yixings cultural level.

Because there are too many channels for this interview, they soon got on the hot search. Some careful Netizens found that Zhang Yixing middle school studied in the high school attached to Hunan Normal University, but he went to South Korea for development before finishing his first year of high school, so he only had a secondary school degree.

Zhang Yixing, as one of the four returned sons, has been enjoying a smooth career since his solo flight. Zhang Yixings understanding of the accident is called natural protection. In fact, it is understandable that fans want to protect Aidou. However, the interview is so complete that fans call other commenters out of context, which is ridiculed.

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Zhang Yixing and Bubu battle (source: Netease Entertainment)

It is reported that on November 1, Zhang Yixing, together with a well-known brand, held a nationwide hip-hop competition. He found a lot of hip-hop masters, and the eight hour live studio let hip-hop lovers scream wildly. However, the stage of one of the performance competitions has caused great controversy.

In midfield time, cloth cloth, who was originally a referee, played three games with Zhang Yixing, and they danced brilliantly.

Fans who have seen the full version know that it is actually a friendly match. However, when Zhang Yixing and Bubu battle suddenly began to punish, which was also unexpected. Liao Bo also said at the scene that it was temporary to learn about the verdict of the battle this time, and even the judges on the scene did not know about it.

The performance competition was finally decided by another referee, Zhang Yixing won.

In this regard, cloths girlfriend Nikki wrote a complaint after the game, saying that bouboos heart is: its not a good performance competition, followed by a speechless expression, as if very dissatisfied. Then, Nikki revealed in a comment that Zhang Yixing suddenly changed the standard and wanted the referee to judge the winner or loser. The performance competition was suddenly advanced, resulting in cloth cloth did not warm up and did not take off his clothes, so he went on the stage to perform.

Hot eyes? Zhang Yixing dances suddenly takes off her clothes and shoes and is mocked like a gorilla. Zhang Yixing temporarily changes the rules to win the world champion. His girlfriend complains about extreme mens gang celebrating Zhang Yixings birthday_ NBJS12251