Liu Shishi and Ni Ni make complaints about the red carpet.

 Liu Shishi and Ni Ni make complaints about the red carpet.

On December 2, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Ni held hands tightly to participate in the red carpet and took photos together. They were very close to each other.

On the same day, Liu Shishi appeared on the red carpet with long hair and curly hair, wearing a white shirt, with a pair of suit pants and a big tail at the back.

Ni Nis modeling is not inferior, wearing a long skirt, exaggerated earrings, clean makeup. The coat shows slender neck and white skin, good figure at a glance.

Two people together, the picture really eye-catching. But some netizens began to make complaints about it, saying that Ni Ni and Liu Shishi were too deliberately engaged. They clasped their fingers, hugged, cuddled, pressed their faces, and even pretended to be kissing. Big show sister love, some unnecessary.

It is reported that Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Ni jointly shot the TV drama golden age. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Yi Shu, the play tells the story of the friendship that Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suo Suo Suo had supported and grew up together.

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Happy! Yang Mi and Liu Shishi laugh at each other on the same stage: why do you grab my lines

On the evening of December 2, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and other actresses attended a fashion ceremony. They were asked: if you can travel through time and space, where do you want to go back or go? Liu Shishi, who answered first, said that he was very satisfied with his present state: I feel very good now, cherish the present.

Then Yang Mi, who answered, joked, why do you grab my lines? If you can choose, you want to stand beside Liu Shishi and let her have nothing to say. Netizens comment poem power CP interesting interaction: ha ha, Yang Mi is funny, ye Qinghui!

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Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Ni hold each other to play kinship (source: Netease Entertainment)

That night, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni walked along the red carpet hand in hand. The picture of two people looking at each other and laughing made many netizens say they want to stand CP! Liu Shishi is smart and elegant in a white shirt and black tailed trousers, and Ni Ni is gorgeous in a green retro suit with a pink bra. In the shooting process, they pout and kiss each other and laugh together from time to time. Their feelings are very good.

Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong go shopping in a gourmet shop late at night, dress up low-key and super love Wu Qishi takes his son shopping, a family of three is rare, super happy Huang Xuan and his girlfriend meet Ni Ni Ni to finish work and have a dinner, recognize Ou Haos painting style funny article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251