Byte beat to start government business, is this a good bone to chew?

 Byte beat to start government business, is this a good bone to chew?

Internet advertising, e-commerce and live show show are the three money printing machines with byte jumping. Who will be the next burst point of byte beating after todays tiktok and shaking?

The answer given by byte skipping seems to be: work hard to make a miracle, and there is no boundary for investment.

According to Rui animal analysis, the investment layout of byte skipping involves 18 sub areas and 96 investment events. In addition to its main business of media and community, it also has layout in enterprise service, education and training, consumption, finance, medical treatment, transportation, environmental protection and sports.

In the context of the stagnant growth of Internet C-end traffic, Internet giants such as bat have turned to b-end, which is a gold mountain to be explored.

This time, founder Zhang Yiming has also made business with the government.

Byte jump aims at this trillion market

Recently, Nanjing big data management bureau announced the bid winning announcement of the project micro service monitoring and operation data analysis and management platform based on government cloud, and Beijing volcano Engine Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid with 8.368 million yuan.

Chuangye Bang contacted byte jump volcano engine on this matter, the other side said there was no response.

Screenshot of volcano engine official website

So, why does byte beat take a fancy to such a business as government cloud? As a C-end Internet enterprise, is it capable of following?

According to the data of ICT, in 2017, Chinas Government cloud usage has exceeded that of industry, finance, Internet and other industries. In 2019, the scale of Chinas Government cloud market is 52.77 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 28.5% compared with 2016. It is estimated that the government cloud market will reach 61.79 billion yuan in 2020, 111.44 billion yuan in 2023 and 20.6% in the next four years.

The government cloud is often regarded as the core brain of smart cities. According to the statistics of Guosheng securities, in the past five years, the government has invested a total of 9497 smart city projects across the country, with an accumulated investment of more than one trillion yuan, which shows the scale of its market.

Zhang Fan, an analyst at the big data industry research center of CCID, told Chuangye bang that, first, the market demand of government cloud itself is large, driven by national policies, and the process of cloud transformation is fast; second, manufacturers can cut into the government cloud market, which is conducive to cutting into other local industries and improving the market share of their products; third, driven by the construction of digital government and smart city, government cloud construction is promoted It is expected that the speed will be increased in the future.

In the past 20 years, with the continuous penetration of the consumer Internet, the growth rate of users has slowed down, and the dividend has gradually faded. Zhang Yiming may not be able to jump over the mountain that bat cant cross. Naturally, he wont sit back and ignore it.

Source: venture state

At present, the market value of Chinas C-end Internet enterprises is very close to that of their counterparts in the United States. But in the field of enterprise service, Chinese enterprises have not run out of a giant.

There is a 10 times theory in the service of Chinese and American enterprises. Xu Siqing, founder partner of alpha commune, said at the autumn summit of venture state 2020 that there is a gap of nearly 10 times between the average annual purchase amount of Chinese enterprises in China and the United States, and this 10 times gap is the opportunity for tob entrepreneurs. In addition, domestic substitution has also brought significant business opportunities.

For byte hopping, fali government cloud also has its own advantages. Zhang Fan believes that at present, the main product and technical advantages of volcanic engine are in data and visual intelligence, and have advantages in the upper level data analysis, data visualization and related application fields in the field of government cloud.

Investment logic of enterprise services with byte jump

Compared with Alibaba Tencent, Tencent has taken a more pragmatic road.

Alibaba and Tencent have relatively strong investment in the field of enterprise services. In addition to investing in valuable start-up companies, they will even invest heavily in listed companies.

For example, in 2019, Alibaba invested 3.6 billion yuan in qianfang technology, the head company of intelligent transportation, and held 15% of its shares. In the same year, ant financial invested 300 million yuan to invest in Nanwei software, a digital government company. In terms of Tencent, Tencent has invested 770 million yuan in Pan micro network of OA company. In addition, it has also invested in Bose software, an electronic bill company, and Donghua software, a system integrator.

And the big money byte jump will not sell any listed companies, but also not only to obtain high yield and investment. The investment logic of byte skipping is very simple, which is to rapidly expand business through investment and make up for the short board of technology and talents in new fields.

Judging from the investment layout of byte jump in enterprise service track, 2018 is obviously a watershed.

Byte beat enterprise service track investment layout / gem mapping

Around 2018, it successively invested or acquired graphite documents, nut cloud, day and night calendar, curtain, blue cat micro meeting, etc., corresponding to the document collaboration, enterprise cloud disk, schedule management, note application, video conference and other scenes in the enterprise service field.

Through this series of investment, byte jump set up an enterprise service team in a short time. After the acquisition, Cheng Hao, the founder of Chaoxi calendar, and Wang Xu, the CEO of curtain, joined lark, its collaborative office software, to take charge of related businesses.

In particular, in July this year, after byte hop acquired Caiyun technology, a container cloud company, its founder Zhang Xin also became the head of the original business of byte hop volcanic engine cloud. Soon after that, the volcanic engine was put on the production line of Yunyuan.

For example, Zhang Xin, who returned from Google to start his own business, has established the only native Google cloud computing and artificial intelligence start-up company in China. In an interview with Chuangye state, he disclosed that before the acquisition, Caiyun had already acquired head customers such as UnionPay, Huawei and China Merchants Bank, and its revenue had achieved a high growth of more than 200% in 2019, reaching tens of millions of yuan.

In short, byte skipping is more about spending money to buy people, buy teams. After the acquisition, the original team will be broken up and integrated into its own business, so as to build a more complete tob business ecology.

Chen Pengren, chief investment officer of Qingtong capital, told Chuangye bang that the purpose of bytehops volcanic engine is to improve its tob ecology. In recent years, they have successively launched collaborative office software Feishu, CRM software flying fish, retail technology platform Luban, Martech marketing tool orange website and Bluebird clue, as well as CDP (customer information platform) tool cloud map. These software has been operating independently, and is not as systematic as Alibabas platform management.

The purpose of the volcano engine is to make up for this short board. At the same time, we should change the scattered way that we used to fight against each other, and provide enterprise users with systematic solutions from intelligent development modules to application software. This is the deep reason why byte launched the volcano engine. He added.

Not only bat, but also bones that are harder to chew

In the government cloud market, byte skipping is facing not only Internet companies such as bat, but also traditional IT manufacturers who have been deeply cultivated for many years. They have firmly occupied the majority of shares. It is not easy to grab food from them.

In the domestic cloud computing market, there are two camps of public cloud and private cloud, both of which are in rapid growth. In the public cloud market, a stable pattern has been formed in which Alibaba is the dominant one. The market share of the top five companies exceeds 75%, and the Matthew effect is intensified.

The government cloud, financial cloud and other industries with high security requirements mainly exist in the form of private cloud.

Market share of Chinas Government cloud operators in 2019: IDC

As can be seen from the IDC report, there are mainly four types of government cloud manufacturers: first, traditional IT manufacturers such as Inspur cloud, dawingyun and huaweiyun; second, basic telecom enterprises such as China Telecom and China Unicom; third, system integrators such as Taiji shares and digital China; finally, IAAs Internet enterprises represented by Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Jingdong cloud belong to the other category, It can be seen that Internet manufacturers are not strong in the government cloud market.

Zhan Molei, research manager of IDC government industry and smart city research department, told Chuangye bang that in terms of operation mode, the government will be more inclined to purchase integrated operation services, and even need 24-hour localized operation, which has great advantages for telecom operators. Traditional IT manufacturers also have a certain number of implementation nesting teams, which are gradually changing to the direction of integrated operation. For Internet manufacturers, the ability to shop people in local areas is often weaker.

But Internet manufacturers also have their own advantages, such as advanced technology and strong resource integration ability, Chen said.

In some large-scale government cloud projects, there will even be the phenomenon that traditional IT vendors and Internet vendors win the bid at the same time.

Bid winning results of Chongqing e-government cloud platform

Ali has stronger tob gene than Tencent. Chen Pengren pointed out that as the leader of the public cloud, Ali has more advantages in the underlying infrastructure, while Tencents killer is wechat ecology. Since Tencent proposed to enter the industrial Internet in 2018, Tencent has opened the wechat ecological entrance, allowing enterprises, government and other customers to enter the ecosystem of small programs.

This division of labor of the government just reflects the respective advantages of Alibaba Tencent. Zhan Molei also believes that in addition to this consideration, the government also does not want to see the situation that a certain supplier of the project is monopolized and bound.

This is still in the infancy of byte leaping volcano engine, whether in cloud computing product technology, service experience or government resources are at a disadvantage. Zhang Fan also believes that in the next 2-3 years, the volcano engine can only make efforts in the application of upper data, and the technical barriers of the underlying hardware and IAAs layer are high, so it is difficult to intervene in the short term.

Source: according to CCID consultants 2020 private cloud system platform Market Research, 18 enterprises led by Huawei are on the list. Public cloud giants such as Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud have not formed an oligopoly in the private cloud market. This is also good news for byte skipping. Source: Chuangye state editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679

According to the 2020 private cloud system platform Market Research by CCID consultants, all 18 enterprises led by Huawei are on the list, and Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and other public cloud giants have not formed an oligopoly in the private cloud market.

This is also good news for byte skipping.