Jiang Shuying hungry day weight 120? Want to take a real weight response scale but no power

 Jiang Shuying hungry day weight 120? Want to take a real weight response scale but no power

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3, on the evening of December 2, Jiang Shuying wrote: Ive been hungry for a day... I cant eat at the moment. then the studio commented that Jiang Shuying weighed 120 and said, whose feet do you know? Read the weight!! (oh, by the way, ordering takeout.)

With the picture, Zhongjiang thin film stands on the scale, the number shows as 120, and the studio once again mends the knife and says: no one steps on the scale! No one hangs on her!!! No cheating, she is 120 today, causing heated discussion among netizens.

When the netizens thought Jiang Shuying weighed 120 Jin, the studio aired chat records and responded to the weight query, saying that the female star herself is very anxious.. In the chat record screenshot, the studio asked Jiang Shuying to take a real weight response. As a result, the scale ran out of power. In response, Jiang Shuyings weight of 120 kg was false. Maybe Jiang Shuying was wearing a heavy dress that day, so the 120 kg contained a lot of moisture.

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Jiang Shuying laughs that her boyfriend is at school (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on October 14, when attending the event, goddess Jiang Shuying talked about her recent feelings. She also said that she had received a lot of scripts about sister-in-law love. Many fans cried out that they wanted to knock her brother-in-law CP, and goddess mentioned her emotional view on the spot, which attracted a lot of heated discussion.

When discussing the topic of leftover women, Jiang Shuying confidently said that she was a Miss Jin and paid for her bag, mortgage and car. She also quipped, I sometimes joke that my boyfriend is in school and can go up and down and not have that kind of anxiety.

Jiang Shuying and Hu Ge were praised as a pair of golden boy and jade girl before. Unfortunately, they failed to achieve the right result in the end, which also made many netizens feel very sorry. However, she can also reveal her attitude towards feelings from her words. She would rather have nothing than nothing. I hope my sister can meet the right one as soon as possible!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251