own to earth! Huo Qigang shares his lunch with rice noodles

 own to earth! Huo Qigang shares his lunch with rice noodles

Huo Qigang basks in cheap lunch. He is suspected to be his beloved wife Guo Jingjing to relieve homesickness (source: original)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that recently, Huo Qigang updated the social platform. He made a picture of his own cheap lunch, a meal of rice noodles seems very grounded.

From Huo Qigangs small ticket, the meal should be a total of three people, because a total of three bowls of rice noodles. Moreover, a meal costs only 258 Hong Kong dollars (about 218 yuan). Its really cheap to have a meal in Hong Kong for more than 200 yuan.

Some netizens speculated that one of the three bowls of rice noodles was probably eaten by Huo Qigangs wife Guo Jingjing. Huo Qigang, a Hong Kong native, loves spicy food and rice noodles. It seems that he is influenced by Guo Jingjing. This meal may also be to relieve Guo Jingjings nostalgia.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing have been very affectionate since their marriage. Huo Qigang also often sends news on social platforms and spreads dog food.

Previously reported

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary

Netease Entertainment reported on November 9 that on November 8, Huo Qigang showed photos of a sweet date with Guo Jingjing to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.

In the photo, Guo Jingjing leans by Huo Qigangs side, and they are extremely happy against the background of the seaside sunset.

On the other hand, the theme has already been pointed out on the other picture. Huo Qigang wrote: only you and me. Love words Huo Qigang is written to his wife Guo Jingjing. Although we have been married for more than 8 years, there are only you and me in the world tonight. I cant imagine that Huo Qigang, who is always busy with his work, is so sweet and thoughtful that he has no words for his wife. The couple held a red wine cup to celebrate in the candlelight at night, which must be filled with emotion.

According to the previous report, Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing often go out on separate dates after marriage. Huo Qigang recently posted a picture of his wife Guo Jingjing watching the Cantonese Opera jingchai Ji on the social platform. From the two ticket stubs released by Huo Qi, it can be seen that this is a separate date between him and Guo Jingjing. According to the time on the ticket stub, it can be inferred that Huo Qigang could not wait for the drama to end I love you.

Huo Qigang and his wife are recommended to watch Luo Jiayings Cantonese opera performance: love in the same frame, sweet in painting style and romantic in the world champion! Huo Qigang reveals that Guo Jingjing once folded stars for him. Huo Qigang takes his eldest son to an interest class. Huo Zhongxi is very simple in wearing 100 yuan shoes. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251