Hot community group buying: more than a dozen platforms grab a team leaders monthly income is over 10000 yuan

 Hot community group buying: more than a dozen platforms grab a team leaders monthly income is over 10000 yuan

The monthly income of the regiment can reach tens of thousands of yuan

At 2:00 p.m., in front of Building 2, phase I of Qingshuiyuan District, Donghu high tech Zone, Xu Wenjuan is comparing the 4-page order form, packing all kinds of fresh vegetables one by one, and then informing the neighbors to pick up the goods by themselves.

The first contact with community group buying was just for self-help. Recalling the complicated affairs and tense mood during this years new epidemic, Xu Wenjuan still has a fresh memory.

On January 23, Xu Wenjuans family, who had planned to return to their hometown for the Spring Festival, were trapped in Wuhan because of the closure of the city. The rice bowl at home is bottoming out, and there is no food in the refrigerator. If you cant get out of the residential area, the cost of taking out and buying errands has risen to 100 yuan a time, which makes it difficult to buy vegetables. In the community owners group, more and more residents like her worry about buying vegetables.

Inadvertently, Xu Wenjuan came into contact with the community group buying platform and started her head life. During the epidemic, every morning, Xu Wenjuan would collect the purchase needs of neighbors, classify the needs into tables, and rush to buy them at night as soon as its time to kill. The next day after receiving the arrival notice sent by the platform, Xu Wenjuan immediately put on her special coat, put on her mask and gloves and went to the gate of the community to pick up the goods and distribute the goods with the volunteers. After the distribution according to the household is completed, the neighbors are informed in the group to pick up the goods from the basketball court in batches.

This was a work that was born out of the epidemic, but Xu Wenjuan unexpectedly gained the trust of her neighbors. After Wuhan was unsealed, Xu Wenjuan, who was familiar with the group buying process in the community, formally became the head of the team.

Although Wuhan has already lifted the blockade, but after an epidemic, the consumption mode of community group buying has quietly taken root in Wuhan. Xu Wenjuan said that during the peak period, Xu Wenjuans group buying group can empty a medium-sized supermarket at a time, and the head of the group can receive a monthly commission of 7000 yuan. For the communities mainly composed of young residents, such as Jinxiu Longcheng in Hongshan District and bairuijing in Wuchang District, the daily order volume of a single regiment can be maintained at the level of 150-200 orders, and the monthly income of a group leader can easily exceed 10000 yuan if calculated according to the 10% commission of each order..

Tycoons enter the community

The emergence of foreign buying giants in the community.

Last year, Suning took the lead in launching the suxiaotuan community group buying business. This year, a large number of giants entered at the same time.

In June, Didis community group buying brand orange heart optimization was launched, and has successively settled in Chengdu, Mianyang, Neijiang, Chongqing and other places in Sichuan. On September 11, Didi announced that the daily unit volume of orange heart in Sichuan and Chongqing exceeded 500000.

On July 7, this year, meituan issued an organization adjustment announcement, saying that it would set up an optimization division to enter the community group buying track. Chen Liang, senior vice president of meituan and member of S-Team, the top management decision-making body of meituan, will be in charge of it.

In September, we announced the establishment of the group horse business division.

In addition to direct operation, some companies choose to invest in this field. Alibaba has invested in the Ten Star Group, while Tencent has made the most of its investment. On November 30, the group announced the completion of the C3 round of financing of US $196 million (about RMB 1.29 billion).

On November 30, in a conference call on meituans third quarter financial report, Wang Xing, founder of meituan, said: meituan started this business in early July. Its hard to believe that more and more players have entered the market in just one quarter.

At the early meeting of Jingdong executives on the same day, founder Liu qiangdong proposed that he would personally lead the team and lead Jingdong to fight a good community group buying battle. According to media reports, Jingdong is planning a community group purchase project as Jingdong preferred.

Giant influx, is for the community group purchase huge market. According to the special research report on Chinas community group buying industry in the first half of 2020 released by AI media consulting, affected by the epidemic situation, the community group buying market will develop rapidly in 2020, and the market scale is expected to reach 72 billion yuan. By 2022, the scale of Chinas community group buying market is expected to reach 100 billion yuan.

At the same time, the business of community group buying helps Internet companies reach the sinking market. Mo daiqing, a senior analyst at the online ecommerce Research Center, told reporters from China first finance and economics that this years epidemic situation has given community group buying opportunities and accelerated the cultivation of users. As an important jigsaw of local life plate, it can better open the sinking market while occupying the first and second tier cities.

It only takes 21 days for general users to develop new habits. Wuhan has been closed for more than three months, which means that there is no need to cultivate a huge user base in Wuhan, grab the market share of community group buying, and go to Wuhan In an interview with first finance and economics, Huang Zhihua, general manager of Wuhan seven delicacies Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with first finance and economics that before the epidemic, the platform only covered 60 communities in Wuhan, and after the outbreak, the number reached 6000 at the peak. However, due to the recent impact of Internet giants, this data has been reduced to more than 3000.

The demographic dividend of the Internet is gradually fading, and the online traffic is peaking. The domestic Internet giants hope to return to offline and maintain the growth of users, so the offline entrance cannot bypass the community. Huang Zhihua said that in the community group buying, the team leader is the hub connecting the platform and customers. It can be said that those who get the community get offline, those who get the head get the community.

Xu Wenjuan has a personal experience of the fierce competition for group buying leaders in the community. She told the first finance and economics reporter, hungry, meituan, pinduoduo and even Didis ground push workers have recently come home to find her to open a group, and invitation calls from various group buying platforms have been even softer.

Some of the newly opened group buying platforms are mainly drained by the second sales and special dishes with higher discounts. Xu Wenjuan made a comparison among three stores, and finally opened a new group purchase of meituan. On the one hand, commodity subsidies were very strong. Ugly oranges sold at 8 yuan / kg in supermarkets were sold for 3 yuan / kg. In addition, the Commission for the head of the team was also high, and the maximum share ratio could reach 25%.

Such as Xu Wenjuan is attracted by the new platform, and there are not a few of them. In order to stabilize the high-quality commander, the community group buying old players have launched a series of countermeasures. For example, the food sharing meeting gives a reward of 7500 yuan to the team leader whose sales volume reaches more than 100000 yuan. It also cooperates with excellent team leaders to set up offline stores. At the same time, differentiated arrangements are made to attract the team leader to maintain the enthusiasm of the group.

Although trying to protect the territory, the Internet giants who are good at fighting high and high for the traffic market have actually shared part of the market share of the old players of community group buying.

Huang Zhihua disclosed that the original goal of the food enjoyment association to open 10000 offline stores has been reduced to only 1000; the original national distribution has been reduced to four provincial markets, namely Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hubei; the Gmv (total transaction volume) is estimated to be about 3.5-4 billion yuan this year, without the participation of Internet giants, this number can be expanded by 4-5 times..

However, an industry person who has been observing community group buying for a long time believes that it is difficult for Internet giants to drain through price war alone. If community e-commerce wants to go long-term, it still needs four-wheel drive of consumers, suppliers, stores and logistics, reasonable price, stable quality and high-quality service can last longer.

However, community group buying is an industry that attaches great importance to offline experience, which is also a challenge for Internet giants.

The source supplier is the key. If the source suppliers can directly connect with the base, they can not only control the quality of the goods, but also have the pricing power. Even if the (community group buying) platform cant digest so much inventory, there are other channels for source suppliers, such as restaurants and secondary wholesalers, to digest the inventory.

But he said it was not easy to establish direct cooperation with source suppliers, the water of offline industry is very deep.