Xiamen Airlines cut off supply and make more efforts! Or charge the refund and change fee for the passengers

 Xiamen Airlines cut off supply and make more efforts! Or charge the refund and change fee for the passengers

According to global travel news, it is increasingly rampant for businesses on pinduoduo platform to illegally charge refund and change fees for air tickets. Pinduoduo platform is not an authorized sales platform of Xiamen Airlines and has no self operated ticket sales configuration. After consumers rights and interests were infringed by businesses, there was no way to complain on pinduoduo platform, which led to a large number of complaints received by Xiamen Airlines. Xiamen Airlines inquired about the relevant situation from pinduoduo, but it did not receive response from pinduoduo. At the same time, no corresponding regulatory measures were implemented on the platform. Subsequently, Xiamen Airlines sent a lawyers letter to pinduoduo, but pinduoduo refused to respond.

However, on the afternoon of December 1, global travel news search found that Xiamen Airlines tickets can still be reserved on pinduoduo.

Global travel news also contacted pinduoduo officials on the matter, but it did not comment. And pinduoduo ticket partner 51book revealed to global travel news that Xiamen Airlines notice was five months ago and has stopped cooperating with pinduoduo, but it is inconvenient to disclose more information.

Gambling refund and ticket change refers to: when passengers book tickets with agents, they are not clear about the refund principles formulated by airlines, and the sales platform increases the refund service fee to earn the difference.

In 2018, on a travel website, the ticket price from Nanjing to Hong Kong was 925 yuan, but the refund fee of passengers within 24 hours before departure soared to 3000 yuan, and the refund fee after 24 hours before departure was 3800 yuan, with a rocket like growth.

At that time, the sky high fare refund and change fee was the status quo of the aviation industry, and refund and change of tickets became a virtual service. In the market, the voice of consumers calling for rectification is continuous.

OTA platform should strengthen the management of ticket sales on the platform, urge and supervise the ticket suppliers on the platform to strictly implement the charging standards for refund and re signing of airlines, and resolutely remove the sales agency enterprises that violate the regulations.

After the notice was issued, the major OTA platforms successively launched control schemes. In early May 2018, Feizhu announced that in view of the problem of ticket refund, change and ticket charging in disorder, Feizhu zero tolerance protects consumers rights and interests, and illegal businesses must compensate consumers by three times the price difference. After receiving complaints, Feizhu platform can make compensation first after verification.

Ctrip and qunari have also launched a commitment to prohibit platform merchants from modifying refund fees without permission, and stipulate that platform merchants shall specify and collect refund and modification fees in accordance with airline standards.

A month later, China Southern Airlines launched an omni channel refund and change of tickets, saying that consumers can submit refund and rescheduling applications in the app and wechat of China Southern Airlines, regardless of whether consumers purchase domestic tickets from ticket agencies or third-party platforms. It is understood that Xiamen Airlines has also fully realized the reform through all channels. At the same time, Xiamen Airlines has issued relevant regulatory rules to prevent third-party platforms from damaging consumers rights and interests by using information asymmetry.

Airlines, OTA and other platforms regulate the businesses on the platform and abide by the rules of the game. However, pinduoduo does not have any specific platform control regulations because the air ticket is a newly developed business this year.

But the relationship between the platform and the legal regulation is not the one who pretends to be ignorant is innocent.

At the same time, not only Xiamen Airlines in pinduoduo was related to refund charges complaints. In consumer complaints network black cat complaints, Spring Airlines in pinduoduo orders also received similar complaints.

According to pinduoduos financial report data in the third quarter of 2020, pinduoduos monthly life in the third quarter was 643 million, with a year-on-year increase of 50%.

However, under gaoyuehuo, pinduoduo had a net loss of 785 million yuan. In the past, pinduoduos growth path is well known. Relying on the 10 billion subsidy, pinduoduo has grown from bottom to top and has become the third pole in the e-commerce industry.

This makes pinduoduo urgently need to find a suitable flow channel to realize, no matter live broadcast, air tickets, tourism destination products are its gradually exploring road.

According to the information statistics of the Civil Aviation Administration, the number of flights per capita in 2019 is 0.47, and an article entitled there are 1 billion people in China who have not even taken an airplane has triggered a heated discussion in the market. Although it is slightly exaggerated, there are indeed a large number of people who have never taken an airplane in China.

The future market prospect of air ticket business undoubtedly attracts pinduoduo to enter the Bureau.

It is worth mentioning that in the field of tourism segmentation, transportation including air tickets has never been a profitable business. Air tickets and other transportation are more front-end links of low-frequency tourism products, while OTA and other platforms rely on rigid demand and accurate large-scale transportation to convert traffic into the sales volume of tourism products in destinations with relatively high profits. It is reported that pinduoduo has also arranged related tourism products since September last year.

At the same time, the players including Ctrip, Feizhu and qunar.com have established their foothold in the air ticket business. As a new player, pinduoduo still needs to face the challenge of predecessors.

If new players want to share the market, they should be more perfect, bright and innovative than their predecessors.

However, under the epidemic situation, the first half of the year almost no income, many air ticket agents have collapsed, the rest are in danger. At this time, the huge amount of traffic on pinduoduo also makes some air ticket agents know less about the refund and renewal information through consumers, exploit loopholes and deceive consumers.

Part of the ticket agents on pinduoduo are walking in the gray area and relying on the way of gambling refund and ticket change, stabbing the consumers in the back and gaining benefits. But this income is only a short-term return to blood, long-term damage is the increasingly depressed air ticket agency market.

At the same time, pinduoduo, as a new player in the tourism market, how does the platform grasp the supervision and ensure the interests of consumers. In the perfect ecological service chain, pinduoduo still faces many challenges. To be sure, if pinduoduo cant guarantee the consumers experience on the platform, maybe the sentence how far away will consumers be from pinduoduo after the subsidy disappears will become a reality.