Yi Nengjings son basks in his mothers and sons old photos

 Yi Nengjings son basks in his mothers and sons old photos

In the photo, Harry and Yi Nengjing embrace each other tightly. Harry, 7, looks very much like his father, Yu Chengqing. Harry named the photo family on the computer. It can be seen that Harry himself attaches great importance to his family and his family, and he is eager for maternal love.

By carefully matching the time, we can find that the time of the photo is actually two months after the official divorce of Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing. Although Harrys parents had been divorced and custody was awarded to his father Yu Chengqing, her mother, Yi Nengjing, often visited her son and did not miss her sons growth.

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Yi Nengjing Harlins son kisses many people regardless of gender, and once disguised as a woman for many times

Netease Entertainment reported on September 29 that recently, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqings son Harry dressed in womens clothes triggered a heated discussion. Then, some netizens disclosed the content of Harrys social account. There were a large number of photos of kissing with friends in his dynamic. The kissing objects included girls and boys, which many netizens could not accept.

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Yi Nengjings son basks in intimate photos with his male and female friends, with a large number of people without heavy samples. His sexual orientation is a mystery! (source: original)

Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing have not responded to their son Harrys behavior. However, according to Taiwan media, Harrys grandmother cant accept it. Beijing opera star Zhang zhengfen says that he doesnt want his grandson to become a granddaughter..

Yi Nengjing, 18, met Yu Chengqing, an 8-year-old singer, in 1986. Before their marriage, the couple dated for 14 years. However, due to their artists identities, this relationship has always been kept secret from the outside world. On February 14, 2000, Yi Nengjing married Yu Chengqing in the United States. On March 16, 2002, his son Harry was born in the United States. On March 20, 2009, Yi Nengjing officially issued a divorce statement through Huayi Brothers brokerage company, ending her nine-year marriage with Yu Chengqing. Her son Harry lives with his father Yu Chengqing. In recent years, Harlem Yu and high education anchor Zhang Jiaxin reorganized their families and gave birth to a son and a daughter.

Although after their divorce, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing also had a sister-in-law love with actor Qin Hao, and they had a daughter Xiaomi Li after their marriage. However, Yi Nengjing has repeatedly shown photos of herself and her son Harry on the social platform, or the daily interaction dynamics. Her mother is very harmonious.

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