Super strong! Li Chen and Zhang Xin, accused of being tied up by pheasants, get 150000 compensation

 Super strong! Li Chen and Zhang Xin, accused of being tied up by pheasants, get 150000 compensation

Zhang Xinyu wrote: everyone should be responsible for what they say and do. I hope that we can build a peaceful network environment together, and do not harm maliciously. Moreover, the person sentenced today is only one of my next list, and will continue to increase. From Zhang Xinyus words, we can see that the success of safeguarding her rights is just the beginning. She will fight those rumors on the Internet and slander her keyboard man to the end, and defend her legitimate rights and interests with legal weapons. Netizens have praised Zhang Xinyus practice.

It is reported that many netizens such as Tian Xiaowen, the defendant, made rumors about her cheating and cheating, and even tied up actor Li Chen to maliciously slander her. Moreover, she also abused Zhang Xinyu for a long time. Words such as pheasant filled the lines, which seriously violated Zhang Xinyus right of reputation.

In addition, Zhang Xinyu continued to write in the comment area, saying, there are still several people who, I think, still scold happily Dont say you dont have a job or money to pay compensation when you receive the notice. Its useless.

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Rathby! Zhang Xin says love has nothing to do with marriage

Netease Entertainment reported on November 27 that recently, in a variety show, Zhang Xinyu and Yang Di, who plays keyboard man, confronted each other face-to-face. At the beginning, they gave a critical attack: Hello, I am Zhang Xinyu, who you attacked on the Internet but havent seen myself.. During the exchange, the golden sentence kept saying: whats wrong with Zhang Yan? Zhang Yan is the name given to me by my parents. Dont you have a fetal name, or am I not qualified to get married if I have been in love Finally, keyboard man has nothing to say.

Zhang Xinyus aggressive reply to keyboard man

Zhang Xinyus aggressive reply to keyboard man

Wang Han concluded that there are many ways to resolve contradictions, and it is also a way to face him directly.

Before that, Zhang Xinyu once sent a paper to diss Group 8, saying: I really hate the eight groups. Is there no one in charge of that place? Its too much for anyone to knock a few words? Do you think its safe to type at home? But this statement was later deleted by Zhang Xin.

Zhang Xinyu sent a paper to eight groups of diss

Eight groups refers to one of the chat groups of a well-known forum website. There are often some disclosure posts or discussion posts. Many netizens like to eat melons there. This matter caused a lot of netizens hot discussion.

Although the eight groups sometimes have some real information, there are a lot of rumors and unprovoked discussion, many star artists are deeply affected. Therefore, there are different opinions on eight groups on the Internet.

Some netizens speculated that Zhang Xinyus outburst might have been rumored about Zhang Xinyus husband he Jie based on a few screenshots in a Douban group. This topic has attracted many peoples attention and even built hundreds of floors.

After the event was fermented, the members of the group pushed Zhang Xinyus black material to the front of the stage like revenge, and even the silent posts in 2015 were found out.

Stir fried bean paste

Last year, agent Yang Tiantian called on his microblog to apply for the geese group to join the group. It was speculated that more and more brokerage companies and star teams had entered the geese group. The marketing and publicity positions of nearly 700000 active personnel, such as control and evaluation, marketing and stepping on the right home, are the strategic areas for entertainment stars. Some netizens revealed that after a period of time, there will be a big gossip, and then there will be very similar content on the microblog, even if it doesnt change a word, and then its directly on hot search, but the result is nothing.. Similar operation is very common in the entertainment industry, and its purpose is nothing more than the hype of interest groups - where rumors start and where wealth codes.

Yang Tiantian calls on Weibo to apply for goose group

Geese group is just like any kind of mapping of minority culture in which the land is the circle. Netizens need to be alert to the extreme after joining the circle and avoid becoming the slaves of emotions. And artists can only rely on their own words and deeds to stop netizens and keyboard mans mouth.

In addition, on November 26, Zhang Xinyu disclosed in her micro blog that she accidentally twisted her neck and worried about her hosting status today. However, her partner Hua Shao appeared in an elegant white dress at the 33rd Golden Rooster Award nomination ceremony, which did not diminish her style!

Zhang Xinyu exposes his neck sprain by mistake on Weibo

Zhang Xinyu presides over the Golden Rooster Award

Zhang Xinyu denounces malicious rumor related recommendation Zhang Xinyus neck sprain worries about the influence of hosts article saying bad luck Zhang Xinyu takes a taxi and mistakenly drinks his populations water to remind netizens to pay attention to safety? Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251

Zhang Xinyus verdict denounces malicious rumors