Forced by my mother-in-law? Christy Chung: Womens fertility is not decided by others

 Forced by my mother-in-law? Christy Chung: Womens fertility is not decided by others

Why dont you think its me who wants to have a baby? Chung said in an interview about being forced to give birth by her mother-in-law? I like children very much, I feel that I love someone, and I want to have a common life

In the dispatch, Christy Chung also stressed again: womens freedom of childbirth should not be decided by others. Therefore, many times, for those who make complaints about the Internet, most of the time, she will take it as entertainment, and will not really care.

It is reported that Zhong has three daughters. Yasmine, the eldest daughter, was born to Zhong and her foreign husband, while the other two were born to Yan Zheng in her second marriage. Zhang lunshuo and her third husband have not yet given birth to children.

Previously reported

Zhong Li Ti celebrates her mother-in-laws birthday and wishes her every success. She was once called out to want her grandson

On October 15, Netease Entertainment reported on October 15, Zhong Rita published a collection of pictures of her mother-in-law to celebrate her birthday. She wrote: today is my mother-in-laws birthday. My dear xiaofenfen, I wish you a happy birthday, always happy and healthy, everything goes well, everything goes well, and we love you well. Chung shares many pictures of her mother-in-law, including many of their family photos. She rarely shows a picture of her eldest daughter, Zhang Minjun, with her mother-in-law. In the photo, Zhang Minjun is wearing a bracelet behind grandma Zhang with a very bright smile.

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Zhang lunshuos mother said it would be a pity not to have a grandson

Previously, in a program, Zhong asked her mother-in-law what would happen if she did not have children. Zhang lunshuos mother said that she would feel very sorry because she could not have wanted a child. She said Zhang lunshuo was willing to accept it, and they would have a good time, but she would be very sorry to tell the truth.

This year, the two appeared together to pray for children at Putuo Mountain Temple in Zhoushan and were met by netizens. In response to this, Zhong said in an interview that her mother-in-law is from Shandong Province, and only Zhang lunshuo has one son. In addition, she has a more traditional idea and naturally wants to have a child. Zhang lunshuo loves himself so much that he wants to have a child belonging to two people, but everything goes as it should, so he will get extra points.

When Zhong Rita made a wish on the volcano, her heart was also eager for the arrival of the child. She also said that her parents were ready and were waiting for you. You and your three sisters love you and everything is ready! Her mother-in-law had also worried about her age, so zhonglitai comforted her mother-in-law not to worry, because although she was over 50 years old, her physical age was only 32 years old. She was particularly healthy, and it was no problem to have children again.

It is reported that in July 2015, Zhong and Zhang lunshuo, who is 12 years younger, cooperated in the love reality show if love for a long time. At the beginning of June, she was photographed by the media to travel to the top of the mountain in a couples clothes. When meeting with the media in Hong Kong, Ms. Zhong and Zhang lunshuo freely confirmed their relationship.

In September 2016, Zhong and Zhang lunshuo took wedding photos of Beijing opera. On November 8, Zhang lunshuo and Zhong Rita married in Beijing. After marriage, the two people have been on the show many times, and zhonglitai has repeatedly said that she hopes to have a child for Zhang lunshuo.

Chung, 50, has three daughters with two ex husbands. After remarriage, she was exposed to injections and artificial insemination in order to help Zhang lunshuo have children.

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