Zhang Jike wrote a Tibetan poem to celebrate her mothers birthday. She used the same trick to congratulate Jingtian

 Zhang Jike wrote a Tibetan poem to celebrate her mothers birthday. She used the same trick to congratulate Jingtian

Netease Entertainment reported on December 3 that December 2 is the birthday of Xu Xiying, mother of table tennis Grand Slam winner Zhang Jike. Zhang Jike posted a family photo on the social platform and sent an article to express his blessing.

In Zhang Jikes photos, he and his father celebrate his mothers birthday together. The father and son stand on both sides of his mothers side to compare their scissors hands. My mother was sitting in the middle, wearing a lovely birthday hat on her head.

In addition, Zhang Jike also wrote poems to celebrate her mothers birthday and wish her a happy birthday. He wrote that he was born wise and gentle, and his life was comfortable and carefree. The shutter was pressed to set this scene, and I am happy to have it every year. Happy birthday to mom.

Before that, Zhang Jike and Jin Chen had a date in a variety show, causing heated discussion among netizens.

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Jinchen responds again and refuses Zhang Jike: he is excellent, but not suitable for me

Netease Entertainment reported on November 26 that the relationship between Jinchen and Zhang Jike has always been a hot topic in the love variety show girls love. Although in the recent program, Jinchen refused to date Zhang Jike on the grounds of too similar in character, suitable for being friends, this relationship will still be discussed by many people. Recently, Jinchen once again explained the reason for refusing Zhang Jike in an interview. She said, there is a person who is good anywhere, even though he is excellent and he is good, but he may be suitable for many people, and you dont think you are so suitable. She thinks that Zhang Jike and she are very suitable to be good friends.

Prior to this, Jin Chen had an affair with Han Dongjun, Deng Lun, Dong Youlin and many other male stars, and was ridiculed as mainland Xiao Yaxuan. Jinchen himself said that he was extremely passive, so he wanted to let everyone realize his real self with the program.

Although Zhang Jike is very fond of Jinchen in the program and wants to continue dating with her, he has recently been photographed dating a woman frequently, and a suspected new love affair has been exposed. Many netizens said, what do you think of falling in love with a variety show?

Dont you love Jinchen? Zhang Jike suspected a new love affair with a woman frequently, confessing to be refused face? Zhang Jike stealthily deleted the interactive post with Jinchen. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251