George P. rivers misused himself: its too hard to play for him

 George P. rivers misused himself: its too hard to play for him

George recently shelled former clipper coach rivers in an interview, saying he was using himself improperly and it was too hard to play under his hands.

He used my way and felt like I was Ray Allen or JJ Reddick, using me to cover. I can do it, but its not my style of playing. I need a bit of mobility, I need to play a little bit of the back, I need to touch the ball. Last season was too hard for me

Obviously, George thought that he did not play well last season, ups and downs, especially in the playoffs, this is not his own reason, but rivers can not know how to use, play his expertise.

Last season, George averaged 21.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game, and the data was still good, but his performance was very unstable, especially in the key games in the playoffs, which became the main reason for the Clippers to lose.

Now that rivers is gone, tyron Ron Ron is the clippers new coach, leaving George and Leonard little time. Next season, they are still considered the favourites to win the title, while in the off-season next year, both George and Ronaldinho have the right to jump out of their contracts and choose to be free agents.