Ten thousand people wager! Thousands of people line up! Reveal the truth behind the hot sale of new houses

 Ten thousand people wager! Thousands of people line up! Reveal the truth behind the hot sale of new houses

Recently, some hot cities in China have seen a hot sale of first-hand houses. Thousands of people queuing up, ten thousand people wagging numbers, opening sun and other eye-catching news frequently appear. Take Shanghai as an example. According to media statistics, as of the end of October, there have been 12 rounds of lottery for the sales of first-hand houses in Shanghai, and 65 lottery rounds have been held for projects with a recognition rate of more than 100%. Buying a house depends on grabbing? What are the facts?

Recently, a reporter from Shanghai Securities Daily conducted a field survey on Shanghais first-hand housing market and found that in the post epidemic era, consumers demand for improving the living environment has become more and more intense. Although the new hot selling phenomenon does exist, it accounts for only about 20%, and mainly focuses on the price inversion projects in the city center: the prices of first-hand and second-hand houses hang upside down, making buyers believe that you can make money when you buy u201du3002

First hand housing projects in the city center are in short supply

In the early winter of Shanghai, when cloudy and rainy, cold wind, some real estate buyers enthusiasm is very high.

At about 10:00 a.m., at the rongchuang Xuhui riverside Sales Office of Longhua plate in Xuhui District, the reporter saw that three or four groups of customers were negotiating with sales personnel, and a team of about 10 people was visiting the sales office.

There are still quite a lot of people. During the national day, there are about 200 groups of customers coming to see the house every day. Now its cold, and nearly 100 groups of customers will visit one day on weekends. Sales staff told reporters, now approaching the end of the year, there are fewer new projects on the market, especially fewer high-end projects. There is not much new supply in Xuhui District. Most people will take a look at it. But whether to buy or not still depends on whether the project can match the customers interest points. Now the overall market is good, but certainly not to worry about selling so exaggerated

It has been 10 years since we launched a new disk. Our project is definitely cost-effective. Before the first phase of the project, 230 sets of houses were opened, with an average price of 79200 yuan / square meter, which won more than 800 groups of customers recognition. The second phase is about to open. The average price is still less than 80000 yuan per square meter. The secondary new houses in 2009 are now sold for 90000 yuan and 100000 yuan per square meter. Xuhui District Changqiao plate Huicheng South Street sales staff said.

Huicheng South Street is located on Luoxiu Road, Xuhui District, which is just in need of improvement. I can only say that this dish will not go cold. There is no land available for development nearby, and the average price of 80000 yuan / square meter in this area is still very cost-effective. Now the price of new houses is low, so we can seize as much as possible. In looking at the gap between model houses, Mr. Yu, the buyer, told reporters that their family lives near the project, so they are familiar with the surrounding situation. He belongs to the first set of just changed, the house purchase demand is not too urgent, if the second phase can shake to the number, buy the second phase, if not, prepare to buy the third phase. Now buying a house depends on luck. Its just as good as you can. If I buy a new house for a while, I wont be able to make a lot of money by buying a new house.

Ruihong new city, a real estate Benchmarking Project in Hongkou District of Shanghai, enjoys a long-standing reputation in the industry. Now Ruihong new city phase 9 COFCO Ruihong u00b7 Seaview 1 is about to open. The reporter accosted the sales staff in the name of buying a house. When learning that the intention of buying a house is a small house type, the sales staff firmly said: its hard to shake. Ill tell you directly that its very difficult to shake a small area (house type). We need to verify the capital of the model house first. We will only inform the clients of the capital verification. Because the number of customers is too large, we will select the customers who have good capital verification and payment methods to apply for fund raising.

168 units, 188 units of the opening sun should not have any problem. Now whether the house is good to sell depends on the project. You may not understand this dish of Ruihong new town. The hot market of this plate is not a day or two, so you dont have to worry about selling it. We open every issue in this way, 200 square meters of housing, customers can not buy belongs to normal, buy belongs to good luck. The salesmans words are full of bull.

The projects in the city center are so exciting. How about the suburban projects?

In the Sales Office of haiyuedi near the Shanghai Wildlife Park in Pudong New Area, the reporter saw that the popularity of the sales office was no less than rongchuang Xuhui Binjiang project: some people were negotiating, some were signing contracts. An elderly couple told reporters that they had come to pay the last payment. In order to live a more comfortable retirement life, they replaced the houses in Yangpu District here. The price and type of house here are good, we bought it at a glance.

It is understood that the third phase of Haiyue residence has opened in mid October, with an average price of 35000 yuan / square meter. If the full payment is paid within one month, the total price can be reduced by 96%, and other customers can enjoy 97% discount on their purchase. This is also the only real estate with discount discount among the many properties run by the reporter. Sales staff told reporters: affected by the epidemic, the popularity of sales offices has declined recently. Shanghais property market is relatively standardized, and the governments risk control is also in place. I thought that under the epidemic situation, Shanghais property market may encounter a cold wave, but I didnt expect that the market is really good this year. We have about 1500 houses in this market. We have sold more than 600 houses in May and October this year, and the company is not in a hurry in terms of sales.

Lu Wenxi, an analyst at Zhongyuan Real estate market in Shanghai, said that Shanghais property market is active this year, but it is difficult to hide the market differentiation behind it. This year, the release of improved demand is particularly obvious, creating the impression that some first-hand new plates in central are selling well. The logic is also very simple, that is, to improve the quality of life and living. However, the market differentiation rate is not lower than 50% in a few areas. In the final analysis, buyers are more and more rational, and it is difficult to obtain market recognition if the price and quality of the house do not match.

Price inversion is the main reason for hot sales

After the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the real estate market makes real estate enterprises happy. A reporter can tell Shanghais top ten companies that they are going to wind up this year. However, there are also some differentiation. The sales situation of downtown projects is significantly better than that of outer ring and outer suburbs.

According to the executive, the demand for housing in Shanghai is very large. Shanghai has a high level of internationalization and a good business environment. Real estate companies and financial institutions have moved their headquarters to Shanghai. The presence of these institutions has brought a lot of high-end talents and housing demand to Shanghai.

Its very good to sell now. Theres no house available. As long as the house is pushed out, it can be sold out, because it is a limited price house. It is inversely linked with the price of second-hand housing, which is equivalent to making profits to the secondary market. A large-scale real estate company executives told reporters that the Yangtze River Delta region is still the companys best sales area. As of November 30, the companys sales volume in Zhejiang increased by 25% to 30% year-on-year, while that in Shanghai and Jiangsu decreased slightly. The company supplies more in Zhejiang this year than in Shanghai and Jiangsu. On the whole, the total sales volume of the company in two provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta is basically the same as that of the same period last year.

If Shanghai and Hangzhou have goods, they should not worry about selling, but not all cities in the Yangtze River Delta and East China sell well. This year, we are selling well in Shaoxing and Hefei, and in some areas, they are not so good. The executives said.

In the view of the person in charge of a real estate marketing agency in Shanghai, the supply of first-hand houses in some parts of Shanghai is in short supply, but the supply in most areas is sufficient, and there is no situation that the vast majority of first-hand projects are over subscribed. We have drawn a data, about 20% of the projects are located in hot spots, which will be popular; 30% of the projects have reasonable push to sell ratio, 60% to 70% of the opening sales, and then they can be sold out after two or three months. Shanghais property market is relatively healthy, with strong demand and adequate supply, and then buyers take what they need.

There is no supply in some areas of Shanghai for a long time, and the first-hand houses will sell well. However, many buyers want to buy online Red plates, in fact, they want to try their luck. Everyones mentality is better. If you cant shake a first-hand house, you can buy a second-hand house. There are many choices. The person in charge of the agency said, the Shanghai municipal governments regulation and control of the property market is more rational. If there is a demand in the market, more pre-sale certificates will be issued to speed up the supply. Various supply structures are more reasonable, and there are more projects with similar prices, which can basically meet the demand. Therefore, the overall price of first-hand houses in Shanghai is relatively stable this year.

In terms of the pace of land supply, more new land will be supplied in Shanghai this year than in previous years, and the premium rate for most plots remains around 15%, the senior executive said. There are few plots with a premium rate of more than 30% in Shanghai land market this year, and the government does not want to raise the land price in a round. Therefore, there are various requirements for enterprises participating in the auction, and the plots are also distributed in different regions. It can be said that the land market in Shanghai is relatively active this year, but it is not hot. The government still wants us to treat the market rationally. .

This year, the companys sales in Shanghai may increase by 10% to 20% year on year. In fact, the above-mentioned housing prices are not conducive to the economy

This years Shanghai market gives me the overall impression that the price of first-hand housing has increased slightly, the market turnover is higher than that of the previous two years, the supply has gone up, and the second-hand housing market is also relatively active. With the pool of second-hand housing, a little water can dilute the needs of many customers. At present, there are more than 50000 first-hand houses on sale in Shanghai, and about 60000 or 70000 second-hand houses are listed. These 100000 suites will be enough for Shanghai to digest for some time. From the point of view of the whole year, it is expected that Shanghais real estate market sales will increase this year, but the range will not be particularly large. The executive predicted so.