The sequel of the explosion of Xianfeng Department: two private enterprises in Shenzhen connect with Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank

 The sequel of the explosion of Xianfeng Department: two private enterprises in Shenzhen connect with Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank

At the same time, Zhongxin holding, a Hong Kong listed company and the business entity of pioneer groups financial technology layout, was announced to be delisted and is in liquidation. A year ago, Xianfeng payment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xianfeng group, was embezzled 1.495 billion yuan (from provisions and funds from several institutions) by its online loan platform, Wangxin finance.

These problems reveal the huge and complex capital map of vanguard and the tip of the iceberg of debt.

Prior to this, the equity had been listed on the Alibaba auction platform for a month, and was specifically divided into eight transactions and auctioned separately. The total starting price was about 191 million yuan, equivalent to 1.59 yuan per share.

Established at the end of 2012, Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank has assets of only over 10 billion yuan. Last year, the bank realized 238 million yuan of operating revenue, a year-on-year decrease of 32.6%, and a net loss of 54 million yuan.

In the end, two private enterprises from Shenzhen, Shenshang hi tech industry and national transport technology group, respectively spent 95.5 million yuan to acquire 60 million shares, accounting for 10% of the total equity of Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank.

Among them, Huang Jihong holds more than 99% of the shares of national transport technology group, while Shenzhen Liangguang industry and Shenzhen business holding group hold 60% and 40% respectively. It is understood that Shenshang holding group is jointly invested and designed by 79 key private enterprises in Shenzhen.

It is worth noting that Shenzhen high tech Industrial Co., Ltd. just completed the industrial and commercial change in mid November, and the chairman and legal representative of the company were changed from Huang Jihong to Zhang Rui.

In November 2016, at the request of Lianhe venture group, Huarong (Fujian pilot Free Trade Zone) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huarong Investment) entrusted Zhangjiajie branch of Huarong Xiangjiang bank to issue entrusted loan of RMB 350 million to Lianhe venture with a term of 3 years.

At that time, the United Venture Group not only used its 120 million shares of Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank as pledge guarantee, but also provided the shareholders with the bottom line of the entrusted loan and issued the letter of guarantee to Huarong Xiangjiang bank.

At the end of October last year, due to the failure of Lianhe venture group to pay the loan interest as agreed, Huarong Xiangjiang bank issued a notice of early maturity of the loan according to the instruction of Huarong Investment, requiring the company to repay the principal and interest of the loan in advance within three working days after receiving the notice. As of September 20, 2019, united venture group still owes 130 million yuan of principal balance and 2.633 million yuan of interest.

Subsequently, Huarong Investment filed a lawsuit against Lianhe venture group and Haikou United Agricultural and commercial bank. Zhangjiajie intermediate peoples Court of Zhangjiajie ordered united venture to repay the 130 million yuan principal and relevant interest of Huarong Investment Loan, Haikou United Agricultural and Commercial Bank of China shall bear joint and several liability for debt repayment, and Huarong Investment shall have the priority to be paid for the realization price of 120 million shares of Haikou United agricultural commercial bank.

However, the joint venture and Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank failed to fulfill the corresponding repayment obligations. Zhangjiajie Municipal Intermediate Peoples court finally ruled that the 20% equity of Haikou United Agricultural Commercial Bank held by joint venture was auctioned.

It is worth noting that pioneer payment, a payment license of pioneer series, was closed for non-compliance last year. After one and a half years of investigation, its parent company, Zhongxin Holdings (8207. HK), was delisted by the stock exchange of Hong Kong (HKEx).

According to the announcement of the Hong Kong stock exchange, from 9:00 a.m. on November 30, 2020, the listing status of China new holdings Technology Group Co., Ltd. (in formal liquidation) will be cancelled in accordance with article 9.14a of gem rules. After the last listing date of November 30, 2020, although the shares are still valid, the shares will not be listed and traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the announcement said

Sino Singapore holdings used to be an important part of pioneer groups financial technology sector. Its main businesses include online investment and technology driven loan services, traditional loans and financing services, blockchain, asset management, and third-party payment. Pioneer payment is a wholly-owned subsidiary.

As of June 17 this year, China new holdings issued another announcement to disclose the investigation results. Xianfeng payment was embezzled 1.495 billion yuan by Wangxin financial management, an online loan platform under Xianfeng department. The funds were mainly from self provided payment and funds from several institutions.

In accordance with article 9.14A of the GEM rules, if the company fails to resume trading on or before July 7, 2020, the stock exchange may remove the company from trading. The company failed to comply with all the guidelines for resumption of trading set by the SEHK on or before July 7, 2020. On November 13, 2020, the GEM Listing Committee decided to cancel the listing status of the companys shares on the stock exchange in accordance with rule 9.14a of the gem rules.

The HKEx said in its announcement that it had been required to publish an announcement explaining the cancellation of its listing status. Subsequently, China new holdings also disclosed the liquidation announcement. However, according to the announcement, no senior management of the group has been charged or detained as of the date of the announcement.

In July last year, when China Singapore holdings disclosed the above investigation results, it said in the announcement that pioneer payment would supplement the misappropriated funds according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities, if the funds are not filled in within a reasonable time, pioneer payment will not be allowed to resume operation, and the license of Pioneer payment will face the risk of revocation.

But at present, both pioneer payment and Sino Singapore holdings are difficult to solve the capital problem. According to the first quarter report of 2020, Sino Singapore holdings lost more than 60 million yuan during the reporting period. On June 19 this year, China Singapore holdings was also filed for liquidation by eternal sky Investments Limited for failing to pay off HK $500 million (with additional penalty interest of HK $74.72 million).

Whether it is the judicial auction of its 20% equity of Haikou United Agricultural commercial bank, or the delisting of its main financial technology company, all are the sequelae of pioneer groups thunder.

The reporter noted that since June this year, a number of debts and claims involving Xianfeng department, including Wangxin securities, pioneer fund, kaidianbao Technology Group (parent company of kaidianbao payment), etc., are being judicially adjudicated and facing disposition. In October 2019, Zhang Zhenxin, the actual controller of Xianfeng department, died suddenly in the UK. The collapse of Xianfeng Department accelerated. The financial and credit products of several platforms under the Xianfeng department were withdrawn, and some assets were frozen.

Since last year, Chinese reporters of securities companies have reported that the securities brokerage, third-party financial management and online loan business of Xianfeng department are still in debt mire

As a securities company under Xianfeng system, Wangxin securities began to have operational difficulties since 2018, and it was named by the CSRC in 2019, which has major hidden dangers; in early July last year, the P2P business of Xianfeng series nettrust Puhui (the original Wangxin financial management) was overdue. A few days later, Sino Singapore holdings of pioneer group announced the suspension of trading, saying that it would issue a notice on the non-compliance of pioneer payment, a wholly-owned subsidiary. After that, pioneer payment suspended all services.

Since April this year, the private placement platform and multi regional financial management companies under Xianfeng Department have been intervened by local judicial departments, and many financial licenses have been disposed of and auctioned in succession.

Among them, 34.21% equity of pioneer fund held by united venture was put up for auction on Alibaba auction platform in early June. Although it attracted a large number of onlookers, no one signed up for auction and finally withdrew.

In early August, 35% of kaidianbao Technology Group held by pioneer enterprises was publicly auctioned, and the latter is the parent company of kaidianbao payment, a licensed payment institution. In the end, the equity was auctioned by a private enterprise in Tianjin at the reserve price, and the industrial and commercial change has been completed.

In addition, all the shares of Wangxin securities held by joint venture have been frozen as early as the second half of last year.

At present, Xianfeng Department under the network credit platform network credit inclusive is still promoting the work of risk resolution.

According to public information, Xianfeng group has 7 affiliated listed companies since it was founded more than ten years ago, including four Hong Kong stock companies, one A-share company and two new third board companies. On the evening of October 5 last year, pioneer holding group and Wangxin group jointly issued an obituary. On September 18, 2019, Zhang Zhenxin, the founder and actual controller of Xianfeng department, died in London due to invalid rescue. After his death, a number of companies under Xianfeng series, including Wangxin wealth, private fund, financing guarantee and payment, had a huge debt hole of more than 10 billion yuan to be filled.