Why can niusan be so cheap?

 Why can niusan be so cheap?

According to the announcement issued by long group on December 2, due to the overdue of stock pledge type repurchase transaction, Deng Zichang, the companys shareholder, signed a share transfer agreement with Feng Yigou and Jinyuan securities. Deng Zichang planned to transfer 20.59 million shares of the company (2.61% of the total share capital) that had been pledged to Jinyuan securities to Feng Yigou, but Deng Zichang would give priority to returning the transfer money of more than 80 million yuan to Feng Yiyu The financing liabilities of Jinyuan securities.

It is worth mentioning that the share transfer price is as low as 4.02 yuan / share. Looking back at long group, the companys share price rose 6.37% to close at 6.01 yuan / share on December 2 due to the markets enthusiasm for LED concept stocks. Based on this closing price (regardless of subsequent stock price fluctuations), if the above transaction can be completed quickly, Feng Yimao will get nearly 50% of the floating profit of his investment.

According to the relevant regulations, the equity acquired by Feng Yimao should abide by certain rules and restrictions in future transactions. However, it is a low-risk and cost-effective investment transaction to transfer the equity at such a low price. Some market people said that.

Feng did not know the purpose of his investment Rectangular group related people said.

And the reporter noticed that, as a post-85, in addition to the shares of the long group to be purchased, Feng Yigou also holds shares of xinjinlu, Tongyuan oil, zhongfutong and other listed companies (as of the end of the third quarter of this year), and ranks among the top ten circulating shareholders of relevant companies.

For example, Mr. Feng increased his stake in Tongyuan in the third quarter, holding 6.2135 million shares by the end of September.

In detail, there is no common characteristic in the individual stocks invested by Feng Yiyu, and the stock price after buying has not obvious performance, so it is still impossible to see fengs investment ability.

It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned stocks were all built on a large scale this year. Before that, he had not been listed in the list of top ten circulating shareholders of listed companies. This may mean that Feng Yilang has just entered the A-share market this year to invest in hunting.

In contrast, Fengs long group, which acquired shares at a low price, was a big demon stock before. After the pilot registration system on the growth enterprise market, the shares of rectangular group gained hot money speculation in early September this year, which soared by 160% in a few days, and triggered the key monitoring of regulatory authorities. If the transfer of shares in the future is successful, it is worth paying attention to whether Feng Yiyu, who has purchased low-cost shares, chooses to reduce his holdings as soon as possible or has other plans. I wonder why Feng Yiyu got such a good opportunity to buy shares at a low price. You should know that there are many people who accept a 10% discount in some large scale stock transactions, and this transaction has a higher discount and is more attractive. Is there any other interest arrangement with the relevant parties behind the low price transfer of Feng Yimao? Some private investors said. Editor: Quan Zeyuan source of this article: Shanghai Securities Journal Editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

Editor: Quan Zeyuan