Immortal friendship! Gu Tianles new preface to Li ruotong

 Immortal friendship! Gu Tianles new preface to Li ruotong

Netease Entertainment reported on December 2, when introducing his new book, a good life, Li ruotong revealed that the preface of the new book was written with the help of his good friend Gu Tianle.

In this preface, between the lines is the friendship between the two people, and also hides the strength of years of mutual support. Gu Tianle said: the title of the book is a very interesting live well . The content is to share her own life experience to encourage young people to have confidence and methods to live through difficulties. I think that as long as we hold this attitude, there will always be unexpected encounters and discoveries in life.

It is reported that Hong Kong actress Li Ruo Tong has starred in Tianlongbabu and Yangmen female general, and has been loved by many people. Among them, Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo, who played together with Gu Tianle in the legend of the eagle, are the most well-known. They also maintain good interaction after shooting. Before that, Li ruotong was asked how not to be with Gu Tianle when she participated in public activities. She said that she would come out after filming, but would not exclude cooperation with the other party.

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Cold knowledge has increased again! Li Ruo Tongs name was changed by director Tsui Ke

Netease Entertainment reported on November 27 that Li ruotong, the goddess of youth, said in an interview recently that his name was changed by Xu Ke. She said that her original name was Li Huixian. At that time, Xu Keben said that only one word Tong was needed, but he felt that Tong was too hard, so he added a word if in the middle. After receiving the new name, Li ruotong also felt very good. She said, I love this name.

It has been 30 years since Li ruotong started her career. She has brought us dozens of film and television works. Xiao Longnu, who plays in the eagle heroes, Wang Yuyan and Qi Yufeng, the fairy sister in Tianlong Babu, have also left a deep impression. They are the childhood memories of many people and are regarded as the goddess in their hearts.

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