ELAs resection of 5 cm lipoma

 ELAs resection of 5 cm lipoma

On December 2, according to Taiwan media, Ella finally had free time for surgery after her concert. Her husband rice Xiang also revealed during the interview that the lipoma was a little difficult to handle. When the lipoma was removed, the doctor took a long time to deal with it. Fortunately, the process was relatively smooth.

Ella also said after the operation: anesthesia was used during the operation, which took about an hour and a half to finish. She also described how she felt during the operation: at first, I was very excited, but then I fell down for too long, and I always felt a sense of pulling in the middle. She wanted general anesthesia very much. Fortunately, the doctor was very careful and finished it successfully.

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Ellas personal premiere was so stressed that she said she loved and hated the entertainment industry

Netease Entertainment reported on November 4, according to Taiwan media reports, Ella was rehearsing for the Ella show on November 14 and 15. When she sang my future is not a dream, she broke her watch for a long time and burst into tears: my pressure comes from peoples high expectations of me, and my sisters always say I can, which gives me invisible pressure, and because of this, I am less I want to disappoint everyone!

Compared with previous group activities, its always lonely to fight alone. Ella admits that every time she sings the song my future is not a dream, she will cry, after a few words, I start to talk to each other, but I cant make any sound. Several lyrics are completely written into my heart.

She said frankly that she loved and hated the performing arts circle, but because the pressure behind her was unimaginable, she was reluctant to go home.

At the end of last month, Selina, accompanied by her good sister Hebe and her sister Ren Rongxuan, successfully climbed to the top of Yushan to celebrate her 39th birthday. Ella was forced to cancel her work. She said with a bit of regret: based on her understanding of me, I know that she wont blame me, and I selflessly contribute my treasure. He really has a good time to play with. She recently banned eating and drinking, starch only eat sweet potatoes, occasionally drink and eat some sweets, and arranged for fitness classes.

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