Dare to love and hate like mother! Zhong Ritas daughter takes photos and suspects she has a new boyfriend

 Dare to love and hate like mother! Zhong Ritas daughter takes photos and suspects she has a new boyfriend

Zhong has three daughters. Yasmine, the eldest daughter, was born to Zhong and her foreign husband, while the other two were born to Yan Zheng in her second marriage. Zhang lunshuo and her third husband have not yet given birth to children.

Not long ago, Chungs eldest daughter posted a video on the social platform. In the video, Yasmine appears in the camera, kneeling and crying bitterly, and her mood looks very broken. It is reported that the reason why she cried so sad may be due to the breakup with her ex boyfriend.

From her latest photos, we can see that Yasmine and the man in the picture went to the snow mountain to play together. The handsome boy walked in front of her, and Yasmine took photos in the back. On the uninhabited mountain, she enjoyed the sweet little world of two people and enjoyed the snow quietly. Suspected public exposure of a new relationship.

It is reported that Yasmine has already dated three boyfriends before she graduated from University, and her emotional experience is no less than that of her mother, Zhong Rita. This pair of mother and daughter dare to love and hate in the treatment of love. When they meet with love, they will share it without hesitation, and open their love generously. Lovelorn, will also realize particularly obvious.

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Zhongritti, 19, is suspected of losing love, looks down and cries

Netease Entertainment reported on November 2, on October 31, Yasmine, the eldest daughter of zhongrita, posted a video of crying on her social account. She said that she had a strong emotion and didnt know how to describe it. She didnt know what to do, wanted to release pressure and didnt know how to do it.

In the video, Yasmine is plain faced and her hair is very messy. It can be seen that on the night of Halloween, she was in a state of extreme collapse, her mood was very low, and her tears came down.

It is understood that since Chungs daughter fell in love, she often posted photos of herself and her boyfriend on the Internet. The two seem to be very well matched and very sweet. However, it has been found recently that the eldest daughter of Chung Rita has not published a picture of herself and her boyfriend online for a long time, and it seems that their relationship has changed.

Zhonglitai was once called out to want a grandson for her mother-in-law on her birthday. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251