The drama with gossip girl friend is resented by Lin Xinxin: did you watch the drama

 The drama with gossip girl friend is resented by Lin Xinxin: did you watch the drama

Later, he deleted the microblog, and then sent a response, saying, OK, Ive drunk too much, and Ive gone to bed, disturbing everyone. Sorry for the offense. Its not easy for anyone, please

The title of the play mentioned by Lin Xinxin is the first meeting, the last parting. The play is directed by Cao Wenyi, supervised by Zheng Xiaolong, with Cao Ping as the chief producer and Lin Xinxing and Gai Yuexi as the leading actors. Previously, the two stars in private intimate interaction, suspected love exposure.

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Love hammer? Lin Xinxing gaiyuexi embraces and rubs his legs at the dinner party

Netease Entertainment reported on November 25 that Lin Xinxin and gaiyuexi were photographed to attend a friends dinner party recently. During this period, the two people interact closely, and the suspected love affair is exposed.

From the photos exposed, we can see that Lin Xin Xin raised his hand, put his arm around his shoulder, stroked the womans neck, and took the womans hand and rubbed it on his leg.

After the dinner, he held the woman in his arms and helped her put on her coat. He was also photographed with a picture of Lin Xinxing and gaiyuexi kissing, and the suspected love affair was exposed.

Before that, Lin updated her birthday on Weibo and wrote on social platform: Happy Birthday to gaiyuexi, a big mouth girl with big mouth, smooth mouth and wild temperament! Ill give you a bottle of table. Five minutes later, gaiyuexi left a message to express his thanks. He also had an erha expression pack.

Gayesh model background, 2 in 2015 in his first film magic wheel, as long legged hot girl. In 2016, he co starred with Wu Qian in the youth inspirational drama the world doesnt look at faces. In 2019, he starred in the urban drama youth fight directed by Zhao Baogang; in July of the same year, he starred in the youth film back to the past and embrace you. Now the TV series the first meeting, the last parting co starring with Lin Xin Xin is on the air.

Although this is the first time that Lin and gaiyuexi cooperate, their offline love is frequently rumored, and the two are photographed together to Watch Jay Chous concert.

Before that, Lin updated a message in the comment area when promoting the play: I miss my daughter-in-law.. Gaiyuexi also quickly responded to MUA.

As for the rumor of the two peoples love affair, the media asked Lin Xinfang staff for confirmation. The staff said, Im not at the dinner party. Im not very clear about this matter, so its not convenient to respond. Gaiyuexi side said: inconvenient response.

The new drama has been criticized by the bad critics, Lin updated insulted by netizens, and relevant recommendations have been hot searched every day. Lin Xinxing claims to be fortune himself. Lin updated was stopped by a big sister to take a group photo response: abbesss comparison and comparison. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251

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