One cent! Internet tycoons collectively burn money to sell vegetables. Have you collected the wool?

 One cent! Internet tycoons collectively burn money to sell vegetables. Have you collected the wool?

Yes, this is the community group buying standing on the wind outlet, which is called the last battle of Chinese retail. Alibaba, Tencent, pinduoduo, Didi, meituan and other Internet giants have entered the Bureau, and the burning money war is becoming more and more fierce.

Are you ready to collect the wool in this wave?

New users can buy vegetables for 1 cent. A screenshot of a community group buying platform.

At present, different platforms have different understandings of community group buying. Generally speaking, community group buying is an e-commerce mode which takes the community as the unit, takes the community as the trading scene, and relies on the team leader to recommend commodities to the community residents and facilitate the transaction.

Community group buying platform, team leader and consumer are three important parts of community group buying. The community group buying platform purchases goods according to the demand, and then delivers them to the designated place by the head of the team, which is picked up by the consumers. There are also a small number of group leaders (or their teams) who will deliver the goods to their homes. In several modes, the group leader takes the commission from them.

The reporter noted that since this year, several Internet giants have sent elite soldiers to join the community group buying war. Didi set up orange heart in May this year, covering 16 provinces in just a few months; in July, meituan optimization was launched, led by Chen Liang, senior vice president of meituan and member of S-Team.

In addition to those who have already entered the market, there are also giants eyeing the community group buying market. The reporter learned from Jingdong that Jingdong is also preparing for the community group purchase project, but the team leader has not been publicly selected. Another media report, byte beating, fast hand will also enter the game, the name of the byte beating community group purchase is called buy vegetables today or today Kwai.

However, byte beat to the new network reporter said that the company has no plans to enter the community group purchase, nor to carry out todays shopping and related business intention. No response from the Kwai Fu.

In addition, it is reported that Ali has set up a community group buying business unit to spend money to support HEMAs march into community group buying. Ali did not respond to this, HEMA said to China news network reporters, community group buying gives HEMA an opportunity to develop a larger market and expand more formats, and also gives Alibaba more possibilities.

It is not difficult to predict that with the addition of Internet giants, the burning money war of community group buying will become increasingly fierce.

It is said that several Internet giants are n times salary to dig prosperous and select talents. As a pioneer of community group buying, Xingsheng optimization started to explore the business model in 2014 and was officially registered in 2018. According to the data provided by the company, the daily average orders are 10 million, and it is estimated that the platform Gmv will reach 40 billion yuan in 2020.

Some people have been poached, but the core managers in all provinces and autonomous regions are extremely stable, Xingsheng optimization told Some media reports exaggerate that all are false, exaggerating the atmosphere and attracting attention.

The rain is coming, and the wind is all over the building. Digging people everywhere, burning money everywhere and opening stores everywhere are three typical characteristics of community group buying at present. Some analysts said.

A community group buying platform recruitment requirements. screenshot

He who wins the head of the regiment wins the world

As mentioned above, the head of the community is an important part of group buying, so there is a saying that, the head of the world.. Many platforms show that there is almost no threshold for long-term recruitment of leaders.

For example, meituan preferred recruitment team leader page shows that as a team leader, you only need to receive goods offline and arrange delivery. That is, the platform delivers goods to the door free of charge every day, and the team leader keeps them properly, and then informs consumers to pick up the goods. Its just a business waiting to collect money. Some netizens said so.

However, if you want to make more money, the head of the team should establish a community (generally wechat group), maintain community relations, share goods within the group, organize customers to buy in groups, and so on.

Therefore, the chiefs core advantage is to have contacts, at least to mix a community face familiar. The snack bar and tobacco Hotel in the community have become the hot cakes.

There is a joke on the Internet: Wang Xing, Huang Zheng, Cheng Wei and other big men are blocking up at the door of the snack bar, and they are courting the person in charge of the snack bar to be the head of the team. When he sees that the head of the shop is so popular, he is waiting for the price to sell. But the next day, the man selling tobacco and wine next to him became the leader.

Although its a joke, its not difficult to see that the head of a team is an integral part of group buying in the community, and the threshold is relatively low. As long as there is a front room, even a pharmacy, a restaurant or even a room and a hall in your home, you can be a head of the team. There is a picture full of vegetables in the living room.

Ms. Shen, the head of the group buying community in Hebei, said in an interview that her days arrangement was as follows: she began to select products one after another in the afternoon, and sent the seemingly good product links to her wechat group. In the evening, she summarized the lists up to 23:00. The next morning, the platform warehouse would deliver the order goods to the gate of the community, Lu xunan Arrange for customers to pick up goods or send them to their homes.

The team leader frequently sends commodity links in wechat group to facilitate transactions. screenshot

Now, in order to maintain the popularity, I have hired a person to help deliver goods to some inconvenient consumers. In order to ensure the quality of dishes, sometimes I go to the warehouse myself in the morning to supervise their distribution, Ms. Shen said

How long can consumers collect wool? reporter in a number of community group buying platform observation found that there are many cheap things, basically every day or even every hour there are seckill activities. 1 cent for a bag of salt, 90 cents for a portion of vegetables, 1 cent for an orange and 15 yuan for 2.7 Jin of native chicken, which is really delicious!

I have tried several times, and the quality of the dishes is OK. If I can send them home again, it will be better. The charm of community group buying lies in its low price and variety. Even if you buy 2 yuan tofu, it will be delivered to your home or picked up at the door of the community free of charge.

Are things really cheap, or are only a small part cheap, as a gimmick to attract consumers?

According to the reporters observation, most of the things with one cent are exclusive to new users, and most other commodities are not expensive compared with those sold in supermarkets. For example, most of the products on the orange heart optimization platform are 50% off the market price, and some popular products are less than 20% of the market price.

15.88 yuan for 2.7jin of native chicken. Screenshot of a community group buying platform

In addition to consumers, being a team leader can also collect wool. If you have a shop, apply to be the head of the team, take care of the goods, by the way, you can make money. According to the media, the head of a certain platform has 20 orders a day, and the Commission exceeds 10000 yuan in a month.

At present, different community group buying platforms have different proportion of commission, and the highest proportion is 25%. Shen told reporters, her commission rate is 8%, and there is a freight subsidy in the early stage, about 3 yuan per order. But in fact, many consumers pick up their own money, and this part of the freight money falls into their pocket.

On November 3, Didi CEO Cheng Weigang stated at the internal meeting that didi has no upper limit on its investment in orange heart optimization. Then didi dispatched a large number of technical and operational business backbones to orange heart optimization. Chen Ting, senior vice president of Didi, was appointed CEO of orange heart.

Wang Xing, founder and CEO of meituan, recently said: based on the whole strategic task, meituan optimization is definitely what we want to do. This is a big market.

Selling vegetables is a hard business, but it has great social value in the long run. Chen Lei, CEO of pinduoduo, previously said, our investment in agriculture, whether it is the innovation of technological model in the cloud, or the investment in infrastructure and technological transformation on the ground, can provide a huge impetus for the sustainable development of the online new economy.

In view of the entry of Internet giants, Xingsheng optimization also held a strategic meeting of the management, first of all, we should make users satisfied, so that users satisfaction will not cause loss; secondly, we should constantly expand the scale and build our own barriers.

It is not difficult to see that for the community group buying, the big guys have no intention of shrinking. Consumer: since you say so, Im relieved. Ill take it easy!

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China News Network_ NB12679