Yu Shuxins mother accused of restricting high consumption?

 Yu Shuxins mother accused of restricting high consumption?

According to the companys fraud case, we understand the situation inside and outside the studio. Yu Shuxins family members were implicated in it and belonged to indirect victims. At present, the case is going through the legal process. It will be handled according to the suggestions of local public security organs and lawyers. After the case can be disclosed to the public, it will be explained to the public and netizens concerned about the incident.

On December 2, Yu Shuxin studio issued another article in response to the public opinion upsurge, saying that the market is risky and investment needs to be cautious. Even if the cooperation between the two companies is more cautious, others still take advantage of it. As a public figure, Yu Shuxin has been highly concerned and loved by everyone, and at the same time, he has been subject to more stringent supervision, which we accept and recognize.

Shell finance reporter of Beijing News has noticed that Yu Shuxin, who has been regarded as the rich second generation by the outside world, owns a number of companies. As early as 2015, Yu Shuxin has been a shareholder of Shanghai warm Travel Information Technology Co., Ltd., while Liu Jinmei, who has been restricted from high consumption, has eight companies.

Judgment: the payment in arrears exceeds 2 million yuan, and the consumption restriction order has not been revoked

Liu Jinmei has been restricted by the court for her high consumption. When she was given the title of Yu Shuxins mother, she was pushed to the forefront of the storm as soon as she was exposed.

The above consumption behaviors include choosing plane, train soft sleeper and ship class II or above when taking transportation; high consumption in star rated hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places; tourism, vacation, etc.

The reporter found that the consumption restriction order issued by the peoples Court of Donghu District of Nanchang city to Liu Jinmei and her company has not been revoked.

According to the civil judgment No. 1939 (2018) gan01 Minzhong No. 1939 issued by Nanchang intermediate peoples Court of Jiangxi Province, Xinyu Jiangnan wear resistant materials Co., Ltd. (Party A) and Jiangxi Lanhai International Trade Co., Ltd. (Party B) signed a cooperation agreement on January 19, 2011, stipulating that Party B should make an advance payment of RMB 10 million to Party A Party B shall sell the refined iron powder to the customers; after the goods are delivered to the customers and received, Party B shall pay Party A a a purchase price of 10 million yuan; for circulating use, the amount of advance payment by Party B shall not exceed 20 million yuan.

Since then, Jiangxi Lanhai International Trade Co., Ltd. (Party B, the seller) and Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd. (the buyer) signed the iron powder sales contract. After the signing of the above contract, Jiangxi Lanhai International Trade Co., Ltd. purchased from Xinyu Jiangnan wear resistant materials Co., Ltd. for many times and sold them to Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

The court held that Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd. failed to pay all the payment for goods to Jiangxi Lanhai International Trade Co., Ltd. according to the contract, it belongs to the real liability subject and should bear the liability for breach of contract. Therefore, Jiangxi Blue Ocean International Trade Co., Ltd. claims that Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd. should pay off the remaining payment of 2188100 yuan, which is justified and supported.

As for Liu Jinmei, the companys investigation shows that Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on December 15, 2009 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, and its legal representative is Liu Jinmei. Its business scope includes logistics services; purchase and sale of mineral products, steel, metallurgical furnace charge, mechanical and electrical equipment, building materials, instruments and meters, etc.

The major shareholder of the company is Yu pijie, with a shareholding ratio of 70%; the second shareholder is Yu qiaoqian, with a shareholding ratio of 20%; Liu Jinmei is a three shareholder, with a shareholding ratio of 10%.

Yu Shuxin was a shareholder in 11 companies under their names five years ago

Yu Shuxin was once known as the second generation of rich people, which has something to do with many companies under her name. Enterprise investigation shows that Yu Shuxin still has 3 companies under his name, while Liu Jinmei has 8 companies.

On February 22, 2017, Yu Shuxin became a shareholder of Yongkang Yu Shuxin film and television culture studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100%. On April 1, 2019, Yu Shuxin once again became a shareholder of Yu Shuxin (Tianjin) film and television culture studio, with a shareholding ratio of 100%.

On September 18, 2012, Liu Jinmei established Shanghai Guojun Investment Management Center (limited partnership) with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. Her business scope includes investment management, consulting and industrial investment. She is a major shareholder and holds 34.50% of the shares.

On December 29 of the same year, Xinyu zheneng Logistics Transportation Co., Ltd. was established. Enterprise inspection shows that Liu Jinmei became one of the ultimate beneficiaries of the company, holding 30% of the shares.

Just before Yu Shuxin, Zhou Zhennan and Huang Minghao were criticized by netizens because their family members owed money, and they continued to ferment.

Since then, Huang Minghao was also involved in similar word-of-mouth collapse.

Enterprise investigation shows that in early November this year, the intermediate peoples Court of Anyang City, Henan Province announced the enforcement ruling on financial loan contract disputes between Anyang branch of Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd. and Huaxian Zhongjiao wenerton Hotel Co., Ltd.

According to the ruling, the bank accounts of Yu Linhuan, Chen Jianping, Miao Jinfu and Wu shunzhe have sporadic deposits, which have been frozen by the court. In addition, a Zhejiang C u00d7u00d7 * * Mercedes Benz car under Chen Jianpings name has been seized for two years (from August 30, 2019 to August 29, 2021); meanwhile, Chen Jianpings real estate in room u00d7u00d7 Guangguang building, Ruian City (No The property right certificate No.: 00033159) has been sealed up by our hospital for three years (from August 29, 2019 to August 28, 2022).

On November 10, the official blog of Lehua entertainment released a statement saying that Huang Minghaos mother was on the list of breaking faith and refused to repay the bank for 30 million yuan. Huang Minghaos mother, Chen Jianping, was not the actual user. As the loan guarantor, she had been urging the debtor to fulfill the repayment obligation as soon as possible and actively communicated with the bank. In the case that the debtor has not yet paid the full amount of repayment obligation after many efforts, Ms. Chen Jianping will actively perform the guarantee obligation as a guarantor in order to respect the authority of the courts effective judgment.

Beijing News shell financial Reporter Lin Zi editor Wang Jinyu proofread Chen Diyan