Director Niu Chengzes case of sexual assault on female employees was adjudicated in the second instance, and the appeal was rejected and still sentenced to 4 years

 Director Niu Chengzes case of sexual assault on female employees was adjudicated in the second instance, and the appeal was rejected and still sentenced to 4 years

On December 2, global network reported on December 2 that Taiwan media had just said that Taiwan Director Niu Chengze was accused of sexually assaulting a female crew member. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment by the Taipei District Court in the first instance, and was sentenced to four years imprisonment by the Taiwan high court of the second instance on December 2, rejecting his appeal.

According to Taiwans Sanli news network, Niu Chengze was accused of asking the female director of the film running horse and her staff to have dinner at his home on November 23, 2018. After the dinner party, the female supervisor and others left first. The female staff who were left alone had a rest at Niu Chengzes home because they were unable to drink. However, while 2 of them were alone, Niu Chengze successfully violated the female staff by pressing them on the living room sofa. After investigating and handling the case, the Taipei prosecutors office prosecuted Niu Chengze for compulsory sexual intercourse and other crimes.

The judge of the first instance held that Niu Chengzes argument that his wife was also fond of him should not be accepted, because the woman did not have the possibility of misunderstanding Niu Chengze. Moreover, when the case happened, the woman closed her lips, dodged and pushed against him. Niu Chengze could clearly know that the woman had no intention of having sexual relations with him.

However, Niu Chengze deliberately misinterpreted the womans meaning and took advantage of the womans consideration of her supervisor and her face to leave an opportunity to satisfy her personal desires, the report said. After the crime, he used the name of the famous director of the Department to spread different cognition through the media, such as I hope she is very good, I like her very much, and I will continue to protect her and so on, trying to shape the relationship between men and women, and by staying late at night must expect to have sexual relations with men and other reasons, implied that the woman is actively committed.

According to the report, all kinds of statements made the judge think that Niu Chengze seriously lacked the awareness of gender equality, hurt the womans sexual autonomy and human dignity, and had no regrets. Therefore, he was sentenced to four years imprisonment for compulsory sexual intercourse.

It is reported that in the previous first instance, Niu Chengze was sentenced to four years for compulsory sexual intercourse. After an appeal, the second instance of the high court held another hearing on October 14. Niu Chengze came to the court before the court session. He still maintained his usual style and was unwilling to explain the case. He only said thank you and entered the court. However, it is understood that he still denied the sexual assault victim in court, arguing that the two sides had a relationship with each other.

On November 7, 2014, Niu Chengze was sentenced to five months imprisonment and suspended for two years by the Kaohsiung Local Court for illegally entering the Zuoying military port of Taiwan Navy to board a ship to explore the scenery.

Niu Chengze, born on June 23, 1966 in Taiwan, China, is an actor, director and drama producer in Taiwan.

In 1975, Niu Chengze took part in his first film drizzle silk and began performing arts since then. In 1983, the starring film the man from the wind cabinet was nominated for best film in the 21st Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards. After 2000, it entered the mainland of China for development. On April 11, 2008, the self directed and self acting pseudo documentary the way to survive was released. With this film, Niu Chengze won the 44th Taiwan Golden Horse Award, the Fei Bixi film critic award. On February 5, 2010, the youth action film Pang was released. The film was shortlisted for panoramic unit of the 60th Berlin Film Festival, and won the best new director of the 11th Chinese Film Media Award. In 2011, the love film love was shortlisted in the world view unit of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. In 2013, the film paradise in the army was shortlisted for the panoramic unit of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

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The five brothers of the prince Gang broke into the underworld forces together. The situation was turbulent. The action film Pang (source: ~)

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