Liu Xiaoqing, 65, has a stiff face. There is a big difference between the picture of life and the refinement

 Liu Xiaoqing, 65, has a stiff face. There is a big difference between the picture of life and the refinement

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Liu Xiaoqings face is stiff and unnatural (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 2 that recently, Liu Xiaoqing, 65, appeared on the stage with light makeup and a smile on her face. However, some netizens said that without PS and without beauty, Liu Xiaoqings face was stiff and unnatural, and even some frightening, like a dummy. Some netizens said that the maintenance of people in their 60s is very good!

Previously, Liu Xiaoqing had responded to rumors of cosmetic surgery in an interview.

Because many netizens question Liu Xiaoqings cosmetic surgery, in this regard, Liu Xiaoqing denies that he has undergone plastic surgery. He claims that he is young now and is often misunderstood as cosmetic surgery. However, he is not old enough. The facial features of a person can not be changed. It is already Liu Xiaoqing who has changed it. His luck is over and he must not change.

Although Liu Xiaoqing is 65 years old, she still seems to refuse to accept the old age and insists on playing various young roles. Before that, Liu Xiaoqing had appeared on the variety stage to perform the classic scene in the TV drama the last night of jindaban. Liu Xiaoqing plays a dancer, Jin Zhaoli, dressed in a black cheongsam, and immediately becomes the focus.

However, Dong Youlin, the actor who plays against her, is only 24 years old. There is a 40 year age difference between them. However, its against the will to stage a group of lovers who are about to break up.

Although it is the role needs, but the light hit Liu Xiaoqings face, the traces of years can not help but expose. No matter how thick the rouge, no matter how powerful the late beauty filter, you cant erase Liu Xiaoqings slightly old-fashioned facial features.

Liu Xiaoqings performance has aroused extensive discussion. Many netizens even called Liu Xiaoqing like Ximen aunt and said, Auntie, dont act as a girl, let our eyes go.

It is undeniable that Liu Xiaoqing was really beautiful when he was young, and he also surprised several generations of people. However, it is not good for Liu Xiaoqing to grow old gracefully as time goes on?

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019