Chen Haomins family has changed from a luxury house to an old one. Six of them live on their wives

 Chen Haomins family has changed from a luxury house to an old one. Six of them live on their wives

Not only that, but also showed a picture of her husband and her husband. In the photo, Chen Haomin holds his wife in one hand and a cake in the other. They look very sweet. No, there are also four digital cakes on the table in front of her, which represents the birthday of Lisa Jiang. On November 30, it can be said that it is very intimate.

It is reported that after Chen Haomin was exposed to the sexual harassment scandal, his work was interrupted and his income dropped sharply. His family suddenly lost their source of income. As a result, the family can only move from the once luxurious house to the old house with only one hundred square meters.

Chen Haomins family lived in a luxury house with an area of more than 200 square meters, and with its own swimming pool and garden, its geographical location is also very superior. From the photos of Jiang Lisa on her personal social platform, we can see that a family of six often swim and play in the pool, take care of flowers and plants, and sometimes have an open-air barbecue, which makes life very comfortable.

However, the Chen Haomin family can no longer afford the monthly rent of the luxury house, and can only move out of the luxury house and live in the old house. Even before that, she once said: my daughter has no place to sleep, so she can only sleep on the sofa in the living room.

In order to ease the economic pressure facing the family, Chen Haomins 16-year-old wife resolutely stirred up the familys beam and began to carry goods live to ease the tension in the family.

Fortunately, the live broadcast results of Jiang Lisa are good. Take 618 of this year as an example, Jiang Lisas achievements in carrying goods ranked the third in the list of star live broadcasting with goods, and achieved good repercussions.

Previously, she had been questioned about selling fake goods.

Chen Haomins wife selling fake goods? Thousands of big brands sold at half price

Netease Entertainment reported on September 25 that recently, a netizen posted an article saying that he did not know the authenticity of a famous Necklace purchased in the live broadcast room of Chen Haomins wife Jiang Lisa. I hope you can help identify it. From the users real pictures, the necklace is beautifully packaged, not only with plastic seal, but also with velvet gift box, which looks very high-end.

However, many netizens said that it was too fake. The genuine box should be a simple blue box with white sponge. There would be no such exquisite velvet box. The plastic film on the package was also called fake and ridiculous by netizens.

According to the netizen, the price of the necklace purchased at the Lisa studio was 699 yuan, which was only half the price of the official website. The high-end jewelry could be sold at half price. The netizen also said: make complaints about the price.

Finally, the netizen returned the product. As a public figure, Jiang Lisas suspected act of selling fake goods has also caused a lot of controversy, netizens have questioned her because she wants to make money to support her family.

It is reported that Chen Haomin married Jiang Lisa in July 2011 and gave birth to four children in a row.

In July this year, according to Hong Kong media reports, Chen Haomin moved out of his luxurious house with a monthly rent of 140000 Hong Kong dollars because of the obstruction of his work in the mainland and the high cost of his four children.

During this period, his wife, Jiang Lisa, also undertook a lot of gold work, often recording short videos and live with goods. Even when she was ill and hospitalized, she insisted on making money by carrying goods live. She also said to herself, Im crazy to earn money..

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