Guo Degang: now I see that everyone is Guo Qilin and Yu Qians reaction is bright

 Guo Degang: now I see that everyone is Guo Qilin and Yu Qians reaction is bright

Netease Entertainment reported on December 2 that on December 1, Deyunshe held an open box performance in Beijing, with Guo Degang, Yu Qian, Zhang Jiuling, Wang Jiulong and other popular crosstalk performers from Deyun Club appeared. When Guo Degang mentioned his son Guo Qilin during his performance, he said, dont worry about others. Guo Qilin is really busy! Dont say, I look at everyone like Guo Qilin now Then, he turned his head and looked at Yu Qian. He was so scared that he said, dont look at me. Then you can go there again. The audience burst into laughter.

After seeing this clip, a netizen called out: this is a senior terrier. Some netizens said: Lao Guos mouth is too immoral, so he likes to take advantage of others.

It has to be said that Guo Qilin, once known as the Deyun young class leader, has rarely appeared on the stage of cross talk in recent years. Most of his time is active in TV dramas and variety shows. Because of his good acting skills, high EQ and sense of variety show, Guo Qilin has been working constantly in recent years. Previously, Guo Degang had Tucao worked too hard Guo Qilin, money to life, make complaints about Guo Qilin can maintain the German cloud club. Netizens have also said that Guo Qilin is the richest second generation who is most unlike the rich second generation.

Guo Qilin supports Deyun society alone? Guo Degang responds: he takes money as his life

Netease Entertainment reported on October 23 that in the first half of 2020, Guo Qilin had more than one year to celebrate and a number of variety shows, which were said by netizens that one person supports the whole Deyun society, causing a lot of attention.

Later, Guo Degang responded to the incident in the program, revealing that Guo Qilin didnt give me any money and joked that my son doesnt use money as money, but as his life!

Guo Qilin, in response to his father, said: this Deyun society cant be fed by me. You can support it alone.

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Guo Qilin responds to driving sports cars (source: Netease Entertainment)

Previously, when Guo Qilin was interviewed, he was asked about the hot search of driving sports cars before. He was ridiculed and finally looked like a rich second generation. Guo responded generously: because the face or the people that have been shown to you are not the same, I feel that it is somewhat contrary, but I think this is very good. I just want to let you know that I also like to drive sports cars. He also said that he was afraid that everyone would know about it, but he was not afraid when he decided to buy it. This is one side of my personality, a normal hobby, and I dont violate the law..

Guo Qilin, whose real name is Guo Qilin, was born in Tianjin on February 8, 1996. In 2011, Guo Qilin dropped out of school and began to learn crosstalk, learning from Yu Qian, and acting as a cross talk actor in Deyun No.4 team. In 2012, a special performance of cross talk was held. In 2015, he starred in the urban comedy film I want happiness directed by Guo Degang. In 2016, he participated in the comedy program happy comedian Season 2 of Oriental satellite TV. In 2019, he participated in the film liberation and final rescue directed by Chang Xiaoyang; on October 17, he was selected into the 2019 Forbes China under 30 elite list.

In November 2019, he took part in the TV series more than one year of celebration, in which he played fan Sizhe, deeply loved by the audience and greatly increased his popularity. After that, he participated in many variety shows such as youth circle travel, running man and so on. In the program, he was humorous and polite, and was very popular.

What do you think about Guo Degangs recommendation? The trademark of Guo Qilin was first registered by advertisers. Cai Xukun took part in the ancient costume drama Zhuyan? The filmmaker denied that he had never contacted Guo Qilin and talked about the reason why he was single: I felt very happy to live alone. Guo Qilin supported Deyun society alone. Guo Degang responded: he took money as his life, Guo Qilin talked about the criteria for choosing a mate: he did not listen to cross talk and accepted the age difference under 10 years old Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

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