More than 500 million orders were released in the fourth quarter, and 7 network security stocks were added

 More than 500 million orders were released in the fourth quarter, and 7 network security stocks were added

In response, pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Central South University of Finance and law, told Securities Daily that the overall demand for network security must be on the rise, but the types of demand are also changing. For example, financial institutions, for example, will see a substantial increase in security demand in the future, because of the continuous improvement of security awareness and the increasingly complex international environment. From this point of view, the allocation opportunities of leading stocks in the field of network security segmentation appear.

With the rapid development of the network industry and policy support, the network security industry is expected to usher in rapid development. Mo Jing, a researcher at private placement network, told Securities Daily, on the one hand, in the process of continuous development of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of things, network security issues such as cloud security, big data security, and Internet security are particularly important; on the other hand, network security has been given a very high status in the national development strategy With the continuous introduction of policies, the industry is expected to benefit from the policy drive for a long time.

The network security sector has entered the start-up period. Looking back last year, the order peak of Listed Companies in the industry started in the third quarter, mainly due to network security protection. But this year in the time delay, the current time point is more similar to the end of the second quarter of last year, the beginning of the third quarter, the fourth quarter orders accelerated release, plate is expected to meet the wind Huachuang securities industry strategy analyst Wang Wenlong said.

Not only that, the current market mainstream long funds have also poured into the relevant concept stocks to add positions. Statistics show that on December 1, a total of 39 concept stocks in the plate showed a large net inflow of funds. Among them, the net inflow of large single funds of China software ranked first, reaching 198.0397 million yuan. Six concept stocks including Inspur information, China Great Wall, dongfangtong, ZTE, Shunwang technology and beixinyuan were all favored by large single funds of more than 20 million yuan on the same day. The 7 concept stocks attracted 532 million yuan in total. The future performance is worthy of attention.