In December, three new trends of good start in A-share market revealed new investment opportunities

 In December, three new trends of good start in A-share market revealed new investment opportunities

First of all, more than 80% stocks rose on Tuesday, showing the pattern of general rise. From the industry classification point of view, Shenwan 28 industries all rose on the same day. Among them, the non banking, banking, auto machinery and other industries increased by 2%. In terms of individual stocks, 3276 stocks rose, accounting for 80.5% of the total number of tradable stocks.

Analysts said that the heavyweight stocks rose sharply, the theme stocks responded in groups, and the fund activity increased sharply. The 28 dance together staged a rare wave of general rise.

Second, the Shanghai Composite Index peaked at 3457.64 on Tuesday, just short of the years high of 3458.79 in July. In this regard, industry insiders unanimously believe that after the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, CSI 300 and other indexes have successively reached new highs within the year, the Shanghai Composite Indexs new high is just around the corner.

Liu Youhua, a senior researcher at private placement, told the Securities Daily that the good start in December was hard won. Against the background of the sharp rise and fall on Monday, the three major indexes realized the anti package middle positive line on Tuesday. Although it did not reach a new high in the year, it has been under siege, and the probability of breaking 3458 points recently is very high. Once the upside is opened, the next target will be 3500. At present, the heavyweight stocks have led the index research, and the probability of future growth stocks turning is very high. We can actively pay attention to the two best tracks in the first half of this year - medicine and technology.

Third, there was a surge of funds. On Tuesday, the net purchase amount of funds from Beishang reached 16.293 billion yuan, the fifth highest single day net inflow of the year. At the same time, Securities Daily reporter on the same flush data statistics found that after large single funds for many consecutive days of net outflow, the net inflow of market funds on Tuesday amounted to 13.606 billion yuan. Among them, the net inflow of large single funds of non bank finance, electronics, medicine and biology exceeded 2 billion yuan, which were 6.97 billion yuan, 2.913 billion yuan and 2.086 billion yuan respectively, which can be seen from the enthusiasm of market funds.

The A-share market has entered the era of institutional investment, and the strength of follow-up reinforcements from bulls is strong, which promotes the focus of A-share market to move up. Jin Bailin consulting analyst Qin Hong said in an interview with the Securities Daily that in the short term, the main indexes of the A-share market are expected to break through one after another. With the newly established funds gradually entering the state of building positions, the gem index and other major indexes will also build a bottom and rebound, brewing a breakthrough. However, the demonstration effect of making money on Tuesday is not obvious, and there are a lot of onlookers on OTC funds, which leads to the strong rise of several major indexes of a shares, but there is no large-scale trend. However, with the trend of the index and the pattern of hot spots in the market, the attitude of over-the-counter funds entering the market will become more and more firm, and A-share is expected to rise both in quantity and price. Therefore, in the operation, investors can increase the strength of building positions in the three main lines of investment: big consumption, big finance and big science and technology.

China Merchants Securities also said in its latest research report that after entering December, it is expected that the A-share market will continue to maintain the upward trend, the Shanghai stock index is expected to break through the previous high point, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 index will continue to record high. There are three main reasons: first of all, the profits of industrial enterprises are improving rapidly; the demand for real estate and infrastructure investment is relatively strong, the inventory is falling rapidly, and the price continues to rise. Secondly, the northbound capital inflow accelerated under the improved economic expectations, and the valuation of the pro cyclical sector is expected to continue to rise after the performance of the pro cyclical sector has improved significantly. Thirdly, near the end of the year, the market is expected to continue to move the undervalued Pro cyclical direction. It is not ruled out that under the leadership of financial stocks, the blue chip weight index will rise rapidly in stages.

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4368