In the first 11 months, securities companies received 131 billion yuan of commission, 1.6 times that of last year

 In the first 11 months, securities companies received 131 billion yuan of commission, 1.6 times that of last year

Active secondary market trading, for securities companies to bring rich commission income. According to the latest industry average net commission rate of 3.49% in 2019 released by the China Securities Association, securities companies collected a total of 12.223 billion yuan of commission in November, with an average daily commission income of 582 million yuan, an increase of 11.71% on a month on month basis. So far, in the first 11 months of this year, the total Commission received by securities companies amounted to 130.991 billion yuan, 51.312 billion yuan more than the total commission income of last year (79.679 billion yuan), an increase of 64.40%.

It is worth noting that the total turnover of the science and technology innovation board in November was 567.465 billion yuan. According to the average commission rate of the securities industry (3.49% of the total), 197 Sci-tech Innovation Board stocks contributed about 396 million yuan of commission income to the securities companies in one month, accounting for 3.24%. The 49 stocks registered on the gem totaled 420.238 billion yuan in November, bringing about 293 million yuan of commission income to securities companies, accounting for 2.4%.

In the first three quarters of 2020, the A-share market fluctuates greatly and the trading is more active. In the first quarter of this year, the total operating income of Chinas securities association increased by 13.382 billion yuan, up 3.352 billion yuan year on year. Among them, 126 securities companies achieved profits, only 9 securities companies suffered losses. The net profit of securities companies in the first three quarters of 2020 has exceeded the total net profit of the whole year in 2019 (123.095 billion yuan). Among them, in the first three quarters, the net income of 135 securities companies (including trading unit seat leasing) increased by 43.94% year-on-year.

A non bank analyst of a leading securities firm told the Securities Daily: since this year, due to the impact of active trading in the stock market and the increase in trading volume, the brokerage business income of securities companies has achieved rapid growth. At the same time, the development of brokerage business of securities companies has not stopped. In the future, it will continue to strengthen the transformation to enabling wealth management in a variety of ways.

Deng Ge, President of Guoxin Securities, believes that under the mode of direct financing, especially equity financing, investors enjoy higher benefits and risks than traditional indirect financing, and it is more difficult to grasp the investment target. As a service intermediary, securities companies no longer stop to engage in simple matchmaking transactions, but need to provide more professional services, including docking the investment and financing parties according to the actual needs of customers, analyzing and pricing investment targets, and reflecting their professionalism in wealth management, investment banking, securities research and other fields, so as to give full play to the reality of securities companies in providing high-quality services in the era of science and technology Ability.

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4368