Response to hot spots after 1 share 5 even board

 Response to hot spots after 1 share 5 even board

Market participants believe that rainbow shares this round of upward mainly driven by the rise in panel prices. Several stocks in the panel plate have also entered the rising channel recently. Since November, the share price of BOE a has risen by 18.39%, and TCL technology has risen by 20.73%.

Many securities companies have previously pointed out in the research report that the current panel demand continues to exceed expectations, and the panel price will maintain an upward trend in the fourth quarter. It is reported that in late November, the prices of 65 inch, 55 inch, 43 inch and 32 inch TV panel were 215 US dollars, 164 US dollars, 106 US dollars and 60 US dollars respectively, which were 1.4%, 2.5%, 2.9% and 3.4% higher than those in the first ten days of November, and 31.1%, 59.2%, 58.2% and 87.5% higher than the low in early June. The price rise of LCD TV panel benefited from the rapid recovery of TV panel purchasing demand and the supply sides income Shrinking, TV panel production capacity continues to be tight. Considering the recovery of downstream demand and the capacity contraction caused by Samsung and other Korean manufacturers withdrawing from LCD panel, the panel supply and demand relationship continues to improve. Industry insiders expect that the panel will remain at a high level until mid-2021.

The performance and share price of 18 stocks doubled

According to the statistics of securities times and data treasure, as of December 1, 619 listed companies have issued annual report forecasts, of which 245 have good performance forecasts, with a positive rate of nearly 40%. There are 109 pre increased companies, accounting for the largest proportion, and 71 companies have turned losses. In terms of industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceutical biology, mechanical equipment, electronic and electrical equipment industry accounted for the majority of the 245 companies, accounting for 51.84% of the total.

Judging from the performance of the secondary market share price, the performance is expected to double, with an average increase of 50.42% so far this year, significantly outperforming the market in the same period (13.17%). In terms of individual stocks, 18 stocks are expected to double their performance and their stock prices have doubled. Since this year, Kanghua biological Co., Ltd., with the largest increase, has accumulated an increase of more than 373.79%; BYD and Tianci materials have increased 271.17% and 262.04% respectively since this year, followed closely. Among the stocks whose stock price fell, * ST Toyo fell the most, with a cumulative decline of 45.95%. Among the stocks with a larger decline, such as * ST Kangsheng, * ST maiqu, Ruikang pharmaceutical, etc., the cumulative decline was 45.95%, 34.27%, 33.56% and 25.88% respectively.

All the 5 pre issued shares were increased by Beishang capital of more than 100 million yuan

Among the companies with good performance in the annual report, according to the estimation of average transaction price and net purchase volume, 38 companies obtained net capital inflow from Beishang in the past 10 trading days, and 5 stocks all received capital increase of more than 100 million yuan.

In the past 10 days, BYD has obtained 298 million yuan of net purchase funds from Beishang, ranking first. The median net profit of the companys forecast annual report was 4.4 billion yuan, up 172.54% year on year. The company said that the sales volume of new energy vehicles increased steadily in the fourth quarter. With the strong comprehensive strength, the companys new flagship model Han and the modified flagship model Tang have accumulated a large number of orders in hand, which are expected to continue to promote the strong growth of the companys new energy vehicle sales. In terms of fuel vehicles, song Pro continues to sell well and song plus sells well, while sales of traditional vehicles continue to maintain rapid growth. In terms of mobile phone parts and assembly business, the share of major customers continued to increase, new mobile phones and other intelligent products were successfully introduced, and the shipment volume of glass ceramics and new intelligent products increased rapidly.

Pre increased shares of Huichuan technology, Wentai technology, Mindray medical and Tianci materials all had a net inflow of more than 100 million yuan in recent 10 days. Huichuan technology annual report net profit growth is expected to reach 115%, brilliant performance and stock price performance attracted the attention of many institutions. Since November, 349 institutions have gathered to investigate it.

15 share institutions forecast to rise more than 20%

In addition, the stock prices of rambler, Wentai technology, yak technology, Dali technology, Chifeng gold, Ziguang Guowei and Yutong technology all have more than 40% room for increase. Among them, Yutong technology, a degradable plastic concept stock, rose by nearly 7% in the day after its performance forecast was disclosed yesterday. The main business of Yutong technology is paper product packaging and printing industry. In addition, on November 30, the company plans to prepare and launch the second phase of ESOP. After the establishment of the ESOP, the trust company will be entrusted to set up the collective fund trust plan. (Guojie, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368