New soldiers and veteran generals go to battle together; there are many fund marketing patterns at the end of the year

 New soldiers and veteran generals go to battle together; there are many fund marketing patterns at the end of the year

Combine new and old to do marketing

This year, the issuance of new funds has reached a climax. Not only have e-fonda Zhang Kun, Guangfa fund Fu Youxing, etc., which have won golden bull awards, launched new products, but also index funds such as the science and technology innovation board 50ETF have come out. The new fund marketing has been quite vigorous this year, and China Securities Daily reporter noted that in recent years, Shanghais tallest building Shanghai center and Guangzhous highest tower have appeared marketing promotion of products such as 50ETF, and other products of Shanghai.

In the new fund issue and marketing lively at the same time, the old funds continuous marketing is not lonely. On the home page of e funds official website, in addition to pushing forward the fixed income + strategic fund, e fund Yuetong, which was issued on December 1 for one year, it also recommended e fund blue chips managed by Zhang Kun in a prominent position. In fact, e funds marketing of e funds blue chip selection has been continuing. Before that, e fund was issued by e-fund and held by e-funds high-quality enterprise managed by Zhang Kun for three years. The fund was limited to 8 billion yuan, and the initial subscription was far beyond the limit. Channel people were guiding investors to buy e-fund blue chip selection managed by Zhang Kun.

A head fund company marketing department said that this year is the new year of fund issuance, and his company also seized this opportunity to issue a number of new funds. In some peak months, a number of new funds have become normal in one month. Among them, many funds are managed by well-known fund managers of the company, which are welcomed by investors. The scale of equity asset management of the company has indeed achieved great growth driven by the hot issue of new funds. However, he also pointed out that considering multiple factors such as market volatility and fund manager management boundary, the company has set a cap on the initial size of most of its new funds this year. Another driving force for the growth of the companys management scale comes from the growth of the old fund scale, especially the scale of the excellent performance fund has also made a great growth this year, so it is necessary for the continuous marketing of the old fund.

Excellent performance is the trump card

Sorting out the old funds with continuous marketing in recent years, outstanding performance has become a common feature of most funds. Taking e fund blue chip selection as an example, wind data shows that as of November 30, the return rate of the fund this year has reached 72.32%, since its establishment it has reached 153.16%, and its annualized return has reached 51.36%.

According to a channel source of another large fund company, since this year, the company has a number of products ranking at the top. The company has also arranged fund managers to participate in live broadcasting and roadshows based on the performance of these products, so as to let more investors know about fund managers and fund products, so that the scale of these products has been greatly increased. In addition, the company has also arranged secondary marketing for fund managers with long-term stable performance and once won golden bull award. With the continuous marketing of new fund and old fund, the companys overall management scale has achieved rapid growth.

Coincidentally, although a medium-sized fund company in South China did not rank particularly high among the fund products in the whole market this year, due to the accurate grasp of the structural market of this years new energy and other industries, some products have achieved relatively good rankings, and these products have also become the focus of the companys continuous marketing in the near future.

In addition to higher returns, fund products that are excellent in the field of segmentation are also the favorite of secondary marketing. The strategy of stable fund management and fixed fund fund fund has been adopted by banks to replace the fixed fund fund strategy, such as stable fund and fixed fund fund fund.

This year, the overall performance of public funds is good, and the demand of investors is also very rich. Fund products with performance support are afraid of deep alleys because of the fragrance of wine. we need to use the combination of live broadcast, roadshow and advertising to bring high-quality products to investors. Shanghai a fund company in charge of the market system of the deputy general manager said vividly.

New vs. camp

Wind data shows that as of December 1, based on the date of establishment of the fund, the fund companies with a large number of new funds since this year include Penghua Fund, e fund, Nanfang fund, Boshi fund, Huaxia Fund, Guangfa fund, Fuguo fund, China Merchants Fund, Jiashi fund, Dacheng Fund, etc. Taking advantage of the rapid development of public funds, the market seems to have formed a powerful force of new funds. These fund companies frequently issue explosive funds and often raise tens of billions of yuan, which shocked the market.

At the same time, in addition to new distribution, there are fund companies with the characteristics of continuous marketing in the industry. Take Xingzheng Global Fund as an example. Since this year, the company has only issued and established several new fund products, such as Xingquan optimization and enterprising for three months, Xingquan Hefeng for three years, Xingquan Antai for one year, Xingquan Huixiang for one year, Xingquan Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen for two years. This data is obviously lower than many fund companies with management scale much smaller than it.

Different fund companies in the industry have different choices in terms of treatment scale, said Huabao securities fund analyst. Some companies choose to do large-scale development through new development. This strategy is effective in this years market, but its sustainability needs to be investigated. Some companies attract funds through continuous marketing. In this hot new year, such a strategy is not easy, but some fund companies have obtained a large scale, showing the attraction of their investment and research brands.