Active rights and interests shine brilliantly

 Active rights and interests shine brilliantly

Since this year, active equity funds have performed well. Wind data shows that as of November 30, the average return of hybrid funds has been the highest, reaching 33.37%, followed by equity funds, with an average net profit of 31.86%.

In the first 11 months of this year, the data shows that, as of November 30 (A / C is calculated separately), the net value growth rate of the top ten fund units has exceeded 95%. Among them, more than 100% of 7 funds have become double base.

The most striking one is Guangfas high-end manufacturing a, with a yield of 126%, occupying the top position in the performance ranking list.

In addition, science and technology theme funds and consumer theme funds have also been on the performance rankings. In addition to gfs high-end manufacturing a, the top 10 funds with performance of technology are all featured with technology, such as Agricultural Bank of China, new energy theme of Agricultural Bank of China, strategic transformation theme of ICBC Credit Suisse, strategic emerging industry a of ICBC, and Guangfa Xinxiang. In the field of consumption, Nords value advantage and BOCOMs new consumption drive have achieved 94% and 81.5% returns respectively.

In the second half of the year, the market started a pro cyclical boom, with theme funds such as pro cyclical and military industry catching up and ranking the top of the performance list. Among them, Chuang Jin Hexin industrial cycle selection a, Great Wall environmental protection theme and Penghua environmental protection industry obtained 91.49%, 86.30% and 84.19% respectively.

Small funds are easier to adjust positions

From the perspective of fund managers, Guangfa high-end manufacturing co managed by sun Di and Zheng chengran has ascended the champion throne. But last years performance champion Liu Gesong has not been affected by the curse of the champion. Guangfa Xinxiang fund has still achieved 97.89% outstanding performance this year, ranking eighth.

Zhao Yi, the fund manager of ABC Huili Co., Ltd., has the biggest harvest this year. The yields of the three funds managed by him, namely, Agricultural Bank of China Huili industry 4.0, Agricultural Bank of China new energy theme and Agricultural Bank of China research selection, are all around 110%, ranking second to fourth in the list of active equity funds. Another fund under its management, Agricultural Bank of China Huili Haitang, also ranked among the top ten in three years, with a yield of 95.32%.

In addition, the strategic transformation theme of ICBC Credit Suisse and the strategic emerging industries of ICBC managed by Du Yang, the fund manager of ICBC Credit Suisse, both achieved more than 100% yield; Luo Shifeng, the manager of Nord fund, managed Nords value advantage and Nord cycle strategy; Liang Hao, a Chinese fund manager, managed the innovation of Huashang Xinan and Wanzhong, with a yield of more than 90%.

Although the performance of these fund managers is very good, it is not difficult to find that most of the funds are small in size. The average size of the top 20 funds in the performance list is only 639 million yuan, and there are even Mini bases with a size of less than 100 million yuan. Among them, only 4 funds with a scale of more than 1 billion yuan are Guangfa high-end manufacturing, ABC Huili new energy theme, ICBC Credit Suisse information industry and Nord value advantage.