The law of December of a share is discovered! Institutional layout: 42 shares up more than 70percent

 The law of December of a share is discovered! Institutional layout: 42 shares up more than 70percent

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On the same day, the capital of northbound swept 16 billion. Wind combs the historical data and finds that Beishang capital has bought more than 15 billion yuan in a single day for six times, of which, after five times of purchase, A-share has obviously increased.

So what will happen in December? Wind found A-share 12-month law through data backtesting

In the past decade, the main board has a higher probability of rising in December, and its performance rate is probably better than that of small and medium-sized board companies.

In the past two decades, telecommunications services ranked first in December, with six times. Medical and health care industry ranked second with 4 times.

It is worth noting that the organization has begun to lay out in 2021:

Growth technology stocks have become the focus of institutions again;

27 companies have more than 10 institutions buy rating;

There are 42 companies and institutions are bullish by more than 70%. See the chart in the second half of the article for details.

//What does it mean to go northward and sweep away 16 billion yuan//

On December 1, the total net inflow of northward funds was 16.294 billion yuan, the fourth consecutive day of net inflow. Among them, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect was 10.05 billion yuan, and that of Shenzhen Stock connect was 6.244 billion yuan.

After large-scale buying, how is the performance of a shares? Wind data statistics show that since the interconnection between Shanghai and Hong Kong in November 2014, there have been six times (excluding this time) that the net daily purchase amount of Beishang capital exceeds 15 billion yuan. Except for November 2, 2018, the other five A-shares have shown obvious upward trend after the large-scale purchase of funds in Beijing.

//A-share year-end law discovered//

How did the last month of December 2020 enter the stock market? In the wind tier 1 industry, which sectors performed better in December?

In terms of Shenzhen composite index, the monthly increase of more than 5% has been 4 times, and 2 times has been more than 15%.

In terms of gem, the monthly increase of more than 5% was only 2 times, and the monthly decline was more than 5% in four times, including two times of decline of more than 10%.

In terms of small and medium-sized board index, there were two monthly increases of more than 5%, four months of decline of more than 5%, including one time of more than 10%.

Overall, in the past ten years, the performance rate of main board Companies in December will be better than that of small and medium-sized board companies.

In addition, wind found through data backtesting that in the industry with the highest growth rate in December of the past 20 years, telecom services had the largest number of 6 times. The second was the health care industry, which had four times, and led the rise for three consecutive years from 2000 to 2003. In addition, daily consumption, real estate and financial sectors led the growth of major industries twice in December.

//Institutional layout: 42 shares up more than 70%//

Since November, the A-share has been surging and rising, and the institutions have increased their research efforts on listed companies to plan a layout for the coming year. At the same time, from the perspective of institutional 2021 strategy, some popular industries still have great development space.

Since November, A-share has been surging and rising, and the market passion has been ignited again. At the same time, in order to layout the cross-year market, institutional investors have increased their research on listed companies.

Wind statistics show that in the past month, more than 400 companies have received institutional research, among which 211 companies have more than 10 research institutions. From the perspective of industry distribution of related companies, the information technology sector is the largest, with 66 companies, accounting for 31%; followed by the industrial sector, with 52 companies, accounting for 25%. There are also many companies in the optional consumption and material industries. At the same time, it is also found that in the process of the market continues to soar, technology companies with strong growth become the focus of institutional attention again.

Specifically, Weining Health received 427 research institutions, and the number of research institutions ranked first. In addition, the number of research institutions of Mindray medical, Huichuan technology, goer, meinian health, Hikvision, Zhongke Chuangda, xinjieneng, Huayu software, Jinlongyu, Huayang Group, Zhou Dasheng, Dongfang Yuhong, Huadong medicine, yizhimi, langzi and other companies have more than 100 research institutions. (statistical range: November 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020)

The following are companies with more than 50 research institutions:

27 companies are rated by more than 10 institutions

In terms of the companies with the highest institutional buy rating, consumer companies account for the majority.

The following are companies that have bought more than 10 rating agencies:

42 shares up more than 70%

From the perspective of the growth space of individual stocks, since November, 42 companies have been bullish by more than 70%, among which Huilong shares, Sanqi entertainment, contemporary culture and sports, bunbaobao, Donghong, Wanfu biology and jiajiayue are up more than 100%.

The following are the stocks with more than 70% rising space:

//Many institutions are optimistic about 2021//

As for the cross year market of a shares, Qin Peijing, chief strategic analyst of CITIC Securities, believes that a shares are in a period of slow growth driven by continuous improvement of fundamentals and lasting for several months. In the future, new overseas easing measures are expected to boost global risk appetite. The domestic economy will continue to be stable and sound, and the policy will remain stable. It is expected that the behavior of institutional position adjustment at the end of the year will promote the pro cyclical plate market to continue until next January In the quarter, the pro cyclical relative prosperity and valuation advantage will further strengthen the plate market, while the relative profit growth advantage of the new economy sector is expected to be reflected in the second half of 2021.

According to Chen Guo, chief strategic analyst of Anxin securities, the overall market is still in an upward trend of shock. Under the deepening recovery, stable liquidity expectation and vaccine expectation, A-share is expected to usher in a cross-year market. At this stage, it is suggested that the market adjustment should be regarded as an opportunity to be grasped around the main line of Pro cyclical.

Guotai Junan pointed out that in 2021, the economic momentum will be enhanced and the spring restless expectation will be added, and the markets economic growth expectation will be further revised, which will make the index possible to break through 3500 points, but it will still return to the pattern of 3100-3500 points in the first half of 2021. The reason for the situation is that the profits in the second half of 2021 exceed the expectation and the risk preference rises under the expectation of the 14th five year plan reform.

Specific to the industry configuration, Guotai Junan recommends three golden flowers to invest in 2021: the first gold flower: from infrastructure real estate cycle to global raw material cycle. Recommendation: copper / aluminum / Petrochemical / basic. The second golden flower: from compulsory consumption to optional consumption. Recommendation: home appliances / cars / hotels / Tourism / furniture / textile clothing. The third Golden Flower: focus on new energy technology. Recommend new energy vehicle industry chain related track, including new energy vehicle equipment / battery / panel / Internet of vehicles.