QDII quota of public offering expands greatly and global asset allocation ushers in opportunities

 QDII quota of public offering expands greatly and global asset allocation ushers in opportunities

Fund companies attach importance to the opportunities of QDII fund going abroad, and institutions including GF fund and Fuguo fund are actively applying for new products. According to the official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission, there are 9 funds such as GF global technology hybrid (QDII) and Huaxia Hang Seng Internet technology trading open end index (QDII) in line for audit.

In addition, a number of public offering institutions are actively seeking opportunities to carry out QDII business. According to the official website of the CSRC, 13 public offering institutions are queuing up to apply for QDII business qualification. Among them, Baoying fund, YONGYING fund and Shangyin fund submitted application materials in November.

As for the QDII fund going out to sea, the person from the product department of the fund also said that on the one hand, it will enrich the product system of cross-border public funds of fund companies; on the other hand, the demand of investors for global asset allocation is increasing, and cross-border public offering fund products will provide high-quality overseas allocation tools for fof, pension target funds and other products.

A public fund professional said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the global economy has slowed down, and major central banks have taken preventive measures to cut interest rates, which has brought about the situation of global monetary easing and the opportunity for Global Multi asset allocation. While public funds are optimistic about overseas mature markets, they will also choose some potential emerging market opportunities to provide domestic investors with a certain variety of investments to meet the diversified needs of residents in global asset allocation.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607