Visiting the commercial housing market in Beijing: the house is only worth 500000 yuan, and the mortgage debt is 700000 yuan

 Visiting the commercial housing market in Beijing: the house is only worth 500000 yuan, and the mortgage debt is 700000 yuan

According to the visit of China Securities News, in order to realize the sales as soon as possible, some commercial office and office building projects are directly sold by the whole building and the whole floor, and the target is directly directed at the listed companies, large central and state-owned enterprises. In order to obtain the favor of this part of the customer group, many projects promise to do bank mortgage loans.

Many commercial and residential projects built after the purchase restriction policy have been limited to a minimum sales unit in order to incline to commercial use, generally starting at 500 square meters. Cut into 500 square meters for sale, it means that a customer has to buy at least 500 square meters, which is also difficult. In addition, under the purchase restriction policy, if the real estate is cut and sold, it will face the problem of long-term liquidation and slow capital return. But the overall sales do not have the above problems. The sales director of a commercial office in Fengtai District told China Securities News, after all, the project is within the Fourth Ring Road of Beijing. In recent years, under the background of mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, there is a great demand for its subsidiaries to purchase office buildings independently. We are also optimistic about this trend.

When asked about the payment method of the project, the above-mentioned sales person in charge pointed out that in the early stage, you only need to pay 50% down payment to sign online, and the project can normally borrow money. We will gather the sub branch heads of several banks together for the selection of enterprise customers who buy business offices and office buildings.

When the reporter of China Securities News asked whether the operation was in line with the relevant regulations, the answer of the person in charge was vague. Our customers are all state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies of private enterprises, and banks will have certain preferential policies for such customers, he said. I worked as a sales director in other projects of the company last year, and I was also a loan seller. At that time, the project was cut into a sales unit of 1000 square meters. As long as the buyer meets the bank loan qualification, the loan can be normal.

In this regard, Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, pointed out that this kind of loan can not be a mortgage, and the purchase restriction policy is not only for individual buyers, but also for enterprise buyers. The above operation is most likely to be a mortgage. Its a marketing tool.

In addition to the above-mentioned commercial and residential buildings for sale, a reporter from China Securities News found that the commercial and residential houses sold in a decentralized way also have the problem of normal loan purchase through publicity.

Taking a commercial and residential building built near Fengtai Science and Technology Park as an example, the project claims that it can always be sold with normal loans. We belong to state-owned real estate enterprises, which are different from private real estate enterprises, real estate sales personnel told China Securities News. The projects of private real estate enterprises cant get normal loans, our projects have been able to. This kind of loan needs the real estate project side to cooperate with the bank to make the loan, therefore, the situation of each real estate is different.

Installment payment is more common

The reporter of China Securities News visited several commercial and residential housing projects built by several large private real estate enterprises in Beijing, and found that these projects did not say that they could be loaned. However, many of these projects claim that they can be paid in instalments, and some of them can last as long as several years.

Take the real estate developed by a developer located in Daxing District as an example. The project claims that the first deposit is only 20000 yuan. 20% of the house price will be paid within three months, 50% of the house price within half a year, and all the house money within three years.

You can sign online only after you have paid all the house money. The reason why customers are allowed to pay for the house for such a long time is that there is overall mortgage for the project, and it will take more than two years for the mortgage to be released. The above-mentioned sales personnel told China Securities News reporters.

When the reporter of China Securities News asked whether the online signing can be normal occupancy, the above-mentioned sales personnel said that they could not check in by the way of owners. But if there is a special need, you can sign a rental contract, move in as a rental, and then wait for the normal online signing. However, this part of the rent needs to be borne by the owners themselves.

China Securities News reporter noted that this kind of commercial housing is basically the same as ordinary housing in terms of house type design or interior decoration. Some commercial and residential houses directly claim that they are equipped with water and electricity, and that they are equipped with living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, all of which are modeled on the overall layout of residential buildings.

The total price cannot cover the loan

The reporter of China Securities News found that, in addition to the difficulty in selling new houses, although the price of second-hand houses is far lower than the peak in 2017, there is still a problem that it is difficult to sell.

The reason is that many second-hand housing owners have made provident fund and commercial loans at the initial purchase, and the loan ratio is relatively high. After 2017, under the influence of commercial housing purchase restrictions, prices have been cut back everywhere. At present, the total sales price of some second-hand houses is far lower than the bank loan amount.

In addition, some commercial and residential housing owners after the purchase, but also non bank institutions for mortgage loans.

Some small financial institutions can make mortgage loan ratio very high. For example, before 2017, for a million houses, 70% of the mortgage can be lent, of course, the interest rate is relatively high. The current situation is that the house is only worth 500000 yuan, and the mortgage of financial institutions behind it is 700000 yuan. If someone wants to take over these houses, the owners should first take out more than 700000 yuan and return them to the financial mortgage institutions to release the mortgage before they can sell them. But the problem is that many homeowners will not sell if they have the money to release their mortgage. Therefore, they have to pay 700000 yuan to help the owners to release the mortgage, or the intermediary agencies to help the owners to release the mortgage. In either case, the risk is very high. Because such owners will generally have the risk of capital chain fracture. Once the owner runs away, there is no way to make up for the loss. So this kind of house has always been hard to sell. A number of senior second-hand housing intermediary sales personnel to China Securities News reporter said.