A self-report of buying on behalf of others: hoarding goods is like speculating in stocks, and black five dare not buy them

 A self-report of buying on behalf of others: hoarding goods is like speculating in stocks, and black five dare not buy them

But this years black five seems a bit quiet.

On November 27, local time, customers lined up at outlets shopping center in San Francisco to buy black five promotional products. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

The hot line on the line is cold and cold, and the black five is gradually double 11

The black five has a long history overseas. It is a common saying that American stores usually record deficits in red and profits in black. In the past, people flocking to buy Christmas presents would contribute the largest amount of transaction on this day, which has evolved into a promotion Shopping Festival at the end of each year.

In 2014, the concept of black five was introduced into China by cross-border e-commerce, creating another online shopping festival focusing on promotion of imported goods, and won the title of overseas version of double 11.

This years black five has become more like double 11.

Macys Thanksgiving parade was held in New York on November 26, local time. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, this years march was shown to the audience in the form of live television, and the scene was closed to the public. Photo by Liao pan, a reporter from China News Agency

In the past, the black five started at 0:00 on Friday, and many people would queue up at the mall in the middle of the night. This year, affected by the epidemic, businesses have launched online discount activities in advance, and we also choose more online consumption. Wu Li (not her real name) has settled in the United States for more than three years, occasionally doing purchasing on behalf of others.

Because of the epidemic situation, Wu Li no longer accepts the purchase of goods designated by customers. Instead, she contacts the salesmen she knew before to sell what is preferential. Sometimes she goes to the shopping mall and orders and takes it in advance.

But it may be to stimulate consumption. This years black five offers are much greater than in previous years, and many of them can achieve 70% or 80% discount. Wu Li is most impressed by a light luxury brand backpack that she bought at the end of 2018 for 1400 yuan. This years black five can be won with less than 800 yuan.

Shopping malls are worried about purchasing on behalf of customers. I dare not buy this year

This years black five is really cheap, but I dare not buy more! Wang Liang (not his real name) started to work with his friends at the beginning of last year. My friends have been working for five or six years, mainly in Japan and South Korea. The tax-free discounts on various official websites for overseas shopping have also been fast and hard. I have been doing a good job in this year when I joined the studio.

But the epidemic completely disrupted Wang Liangs work and life.

We usually have a large stock, especially a year ago, we ordered about 100 bottles of popular skin care products with an average price of more than 1000 yuan. However, in the event of an epidemic situation, customs clearance was not smooth. It was only in March and April that the goods arrived slowly. Domestic duty-free shops began to discount crazily. People like Wang Liang, who invested almost all their money in the stock, could only store them while doing activities with tears in their eyes.

The picture shows customers buying cosmetics at the duty-free shop in Riyue square, Haikou. Photo by Luo Yunfei

The rise of domestic cross-border e-commerce platforms is also gradually eroding Wang Liangs cake.

Compared with individuals, the platform has obvious advantages in terms of capital strength, logistics speed, credit endorsement or after-sales service. Wang Liang said that the agents tried their best to carry out activities and even paid for the price difference from their own pockets, which was very difficult to compete with the platform.

Also feel things cant sell out, there are buying forest trees (alias).

I remember one day in August when I went out to send three packages. My mother read it and said, business is so good today. I said that one of them was sold and the other two were bought by Taobao myself, and they need to be returned and replaced. The depressed business makes Lin Shu start to do what used to be the most annoying thing -- group sending friends and brushing the screen.

Lin Shu, who studied in Germany before, has been staying in China due to the epidemic situation and continues to purchase on behalf of overseas shopping. In the first half of this year, Lin Shu quickly hoarded goods when he saw a good discount. However, he found that it was cheaper in the back, hoarding a commodity and hoarding out the feeling of speculating in stocks.

Disappearing human flesh purchasing agent and difficult overseas shopping

Now there are fewer and fewer people buying on behalf of others, and the epidemic is just the last straw. In Lin Shus opinion, the purchasing agent industry is undergoing great changes. Fundamentally speaking, with the cost of air tickets, accommodation, etc., and the cost of time, it is definitely more expensive to buy on behalf of human flesh, which is less competitive than the price on Taobao.

When human flesh is no longer realistic, the best way to buy and buy overseas is to do overseas shopping.

Overseas shopping means overseas / overseas shopping. After placing an order on the overseas shopping website, the goods will be delivered by international express, direct mail, or the goods will be collected by the transshipment company and then sent back to China.

The seemingly beautiful overseas shopping is not simple. Even professional purchasing agents who are very skilled in business also love and hate it.

The first is to be cut the list. Even if you have paid for the order, the foreign e-commerce may inform you by email that the order has been cancelled for some reason. For the purchase agent with large order quantity, the probability of cutting order is higher.

Besides cutting orders, being taxed is also a big nightmare for purchasing agents. In addition to going to the customs to collect the package and being criticized and educated by the staff like primary school students, being taxed means that the cost of overseas shopping is higher and the profit is greatly reduced.

The taxed messages received by agents. Photos provided by interviewees

In the case of repeated international epidemics, the high freight rate is a headache. Wu Li helplessly said, I think the most difficult thing is the postage. I bought some chocolate a few days ago and sent it home. The freight is much more expensive than chocolate.

The current postage, even the cost of spelling, is much more expensive than before. And almost all cases are taxed when they enter the customs Lin Shu said that he used to send domestic express delivery inspection is not very strict, this year began to be very strict. In order to avoid being taxed, a lot of agents choose to go through the transshipment mode of tax package customs clearance, but the freight is expensive.

Recently, the positive detection rate of nucleic acid in imported cold chain food has increased significantly. Under the natural cold chain in winter, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, said that under the condition of temperature lower than 0 u2103, the virus can survive in ordinary transportation environment, and there is a risk of virus contamination in overseas shopping, so disinfection treatment should be done well.

Winter is an added insult to purchasing agents. Many of the purchasing agents around me have changed careers or stopped doing business. Those who used to fly often cant fly now. Now, in addition to purchasing on behalf of others, Lin Shu will also start to sell some things that were not sold before, such as Henans ugg boots and domestic Givenchy thermal socks, with sales surprisingly good.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China News Network_ NB12679