Wu Nai Qun: Mo Ning? General Dazhi? Is the legend of golden generation of mens basketball reliable?

 Wu Nai Qun: Mo Ning? General Dazhi? Is the legend of golden generation of mens basketball reliable?

In many online articles about Wu naiquns life, the specific event of this highlight moment will also be mentioned - in the friendly games of that year (1993 according to the context). However, no matter which online article, there is only a text description, but there is no corresponding picture and GIF to support it.

Good games is an international comprehensive sports event founded in 1986. This event is most well known to Chinese sports fans. At the friendship games in 1998, Chinese gymnast Sang Lan was badly injured. Throughout the 1990s, the Chinese mens basketball team sent a complete national team to participate in the event several times.

In the 1990s, three friendly games were held in Seattle, USA in 1990, St. Petersburg in Russia in 1994, and New York in 1998. In terms of time, the most suitable match for Wu naiquns participation was the friendship games in 1994, while the 1993 friendly games mentioned in many online articles did not exist.

U.S. team list and technical statistics in 1994 friendship games

At this time point in 1993, the Chinese mens basketball team also participated in another international event - the University Games. China and the United States met in the semifinals of the Universiade, and China lost 91-129. In this American team, there are also famous players such as Michael Finley and Damon stadimer, as well as Sharon Wright, who played briefly in CBA Hong Kong Feilong team and Jiangsu Nangang team in 1994 nba6 show. There is no moning in the team lineup.

U.S. team list and technical statistics in 1993 Universiade

The 1990 mens Basketball World Championship was the first international competition in which moning represented the U.S. team. In this competition, the two teams failed to meet. In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Mo Ning represented the dream four team to compete with the Chinese team in the group competition. This time, Wu naiqun failed in the Olympic lineup.

Therefore, in the whole 90s, Wu naiqun and moning can have the intersection of the international competition, only the mens Basketball World Championship held in Toronto, Canada in 1994.

Unfortunately, the answer is No. After a careful review of the video of the game, Wu naiquns goal appeared in the second half of 13:45 (the FIBA match system in those years was 40 minutes, which was divided into the first half and the second half, respectively). Sun Jun broke through the bottom line and distributed the ball to Wu naiqun, who was ambushed in the bottom corner of the right side. The latter took the jump shot and made the score 50-86.

Obviously, in these competitions, Wu naiqun did not snap Mo Ning.

So, how did the saying Wu naiqun once separated Mo Ning come into being? At present, the earliest report that can be found through the Internet comes from Liaoshen Evening News on February 2, 2008. It is described as follows: Wu naiqun made a smash in the head of Alonzo moning, the center of the dream 2 team . Wu naiqun became famous in the World Series in 1992. He was also the winner of the best player of the year in Asia at that time, nicknamed flying man of China.

From the above description, it is not difficult to see that the early statement of Wu naiqun slamming on Mo Nings head on the Internet did not point out the specific events. The so-called at the friendly games of that year was made by later generations.

For example, in the 1996 Olympic Games, the so-called Robin zhison was widely circulated in the Olympic Games, and even the so-called Captain Robinson was given to the Chinese navy in 1996 This is used (for example, the first episode of cba20 by a certain media for the commemoration of cba20, and the CBA history between Wang Zhizhi and Yao Ming that we wrote earlier).

But the problem is, in the FIBA official website statistics, Robinsons four shots in this game, Wang Zhizhis block data is 0, so Wang Zhizhis statement of blocking Robinson is obviously untrue, and the cover in that documentary is actually Wang Zhizhis block to hill, and Wang Zhizhi was also called a foul.

It was only in an interview a few years ago that Wang Zhizhi revealed that he did overtake David Robinson, but it was not an Olympic game. In fact, during the warm-up game, I played a warm-up match between Phoenix and dream three. And we also find the corresponding historical images:

PS: Although the Chinese team lost 61 points in this game, the American commentators spoke highly of Wang Zhizhi and Hu Weidong. One of them said that Wang Zhizhis performance against ONeill was fearless, and mentioned that the University of Washington, Georgetown, Marquette and Clement University in NCAA at that time were very interested in Wang Zhizhi.

Dazhi blocks Robinson

In addition, Wang Zhizhi was blocked by Barkley, who was 20 cm short of him

It is not difficult to see that the reason why Wang Zhizhis performance is highly praised is that the match time is close and the opponents are identical, which leads to Misreading in the process of communication.

Along this line of thinking, we have reason to think that Wu naiqun slammed Mo Ning may also be a similar situation, the game may not be an important game as we know it, but a warm-up game.

After a lot of inquiries, and finally asked Wu naiquns guide in the circle, I replied that the time he dunked on Mo Nings head was neither a world championship nor a friendly games, but a tour between China and NBA stars in 1994.

The event took place shortly after the 1994 World Championships, when Nike and the Chinese Basketball Association reached a cooperation and became the New Jersey sponsor of the Chinese mens basketball team. In order to explore the Chinese market, Nike arranged its signed NBA stars to visit China. Among them, the most famous ones are moning, Penny Hardaway and Rain Man camp.

Pictures of the American star team on the Great Wall at that time

Since the game is an informal competition, it is difficult to find the video. Therefore, the case of Wu naiquns violent deduction of Mo Ning is only passed on by word of mouth between veteran journalists and athletes. It is not difficult to explain why the details of the story are gradually distorted on the Internet.

In fact, in this commercial performance competition, the most brilliant Chinese player is not Wu naiqun, but Liu Yudong, who scored 30 + points. After the match, Mo Ning praised him as a Barkley player, and Liu Yudong won the title of China Buckley.

Although he lost the aura of Dun Mo Ning in the official competition, Wu naiquns excellence will not be affected at all. Respect for the basic facts is the greatest respect for Wu naiqun.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: a Yong, editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573