Bisley and Pippens ex-wife are cheating

 Bisley and Pippens ex-wife are cheating

According to TMZ, people close to Beasleys wife, Montana Yao, revealed that after seeing the picture of Beasley cheating, she was completely stunned and had no knowledge of it before.

Beasley and Montana have a child, and she had been expecting him to come back soon to celebrate his 24th birthday in Minneapolis. But in the end, Beasley didnt come back.

Whats more, Montana sent four ins updates, posted pictures of her and Beasleys daughter, thanking everyone for their concern and, if meaningfully, Ill always be who I am, and God wont let me down. The truth will always come to light...

Beasley, who moved from nuggets to Timberwolves last season, made an amazing performance, averaging 20.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game, becoming the main force in the back court of the team. He was arrested by police not long ago for illegally holding marijuana and accepting possession of stolen goods. He was later released on bail.

Source: Netease sports Author: Tan Xiaoyu, editor in charge: Li Xueer_ NB13040