Li Xiaolu dances with Tianxin; mother and daughter look alike as if they were copied and pasted

 Li Xiaolu dances with Tianxin; mother and daughter look alike as if they were copied and pasted

Li Xiaolu dances with Tianxin (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 2, 1 night, Li Xiaolu and his daughter Tianxin dance video in the same frame, and happily sighed: rhythm exercise goes a wave, dancing makes me happy, baby daughter grows up with you. In the picture, Li Xiaolu is wearing a white casual suit and a green waist top to show her good figure. Tian Xin is wearing a cartoon casual sweater with white trousers. Her hair is knitted up to show her small face, which is very delicate.

Netizens said that after growing up, Tianxin and her mother are more and more like each other. They stand together as if copying and pasting. The mother and daughter seem to have little age difference, just like two sisters.

Comments from netizens in the comment area were also varied. Some netizens wrote: I hope the child can bring some positive energy to other children like her father. Some netizens even commented: Why are you sorry for Wang Baoqiang ah ah ah ah ah, I do not know this netizen is really playing stem, or really surfing with 2G net.

Mother daughter love! Li Xiaolu takes Tianxin to the Forbidden City in her parents clothes

Netease Entertainment reported on December 1 that recently, Li Xiaolu accompanied Tian Xin to visit the Forbidden City. They were wearing parent-child sportswear. Tianxin is red and Li Xiaolu is blue. Tianxin is quite cute in her small braids.

Walking on the way, Tianxin still acts as a coquette to let her mother carry her. Li Xiaolu squats down with Tianxin on her back.

And Tianxin is already 8 years old. She is graceful and graceful. She has a somersault on the way to play. When we think about the piano solo of Tianxin, we cant help but sigh that Tianxin is really well educated.

Previously, Li Xiaolu posted a group photo of her daughter, Tianxin, on the social platform, with the attachment take her to the rehearsal.. In the photo, Li Xiaolu is wearing long white sleeves, long hair and shawl, and Tianxin is wearing a pink cotton padded jacket. Their smiles are like copy and paste. The mother and daughter are very similar.

It is reported that on November 14, 2019, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolus studio also issued a joint statement announcing their divorce, confirming that their seven-year marriage had come to an end, saying that they would jointly raise their daughter Tianxin.

Although Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang have divorced, they often meet each other because they accompany their daughter, and they are even speculated to have remarried from time to time. Before that, some netizens ran into Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu playing badminton with Tian Xin, and the video was accompanied by the text: I saw Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang playing badminton with Tian Xin in the community, Jia Nailiang is also very good! In the video, Jia Nailiang is wearing a hat, white short sleeves and black shorts, playing badminton with Tian Xin. Tianxin wears a ponytail and has a good time with her father. Li Xiaolu is quietly watching father and daughter play.

Li Xiaolus domineering voice netizens: live your life, mother and daughter love! Li Xiaolu takes Tianxin to the Forbidden City in her parent-child costume. She is full of vitality and refuses to talk about her emotional situation. Li Xiaolu answers the dispute in three words. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019