Luo Zhixiangs response to the multi person swimming pool party: just attending brothers birthday party

 Luo Zhixiangs response to the multi person swimming pool party: just attending brothers birthday party

Recently, it was reported that a TV station planned to launch a new outdoor variety show in the prime time of the weekend evening. The production company planned to invite Luo Zhixiang to host the show at a reward of 100000 yuan per episode. However, he was rejected. Luo Zhixiang, who paid more than NT $15 million for an episode in the past, has lost his value by 150 times

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Luo Zhixiang opens pool party (source: Netease Entertainment)

Before that, a netizen posted a video of Luo Zhixiang on INS. In the video, Luo Zhixiang and his friends were having a pool party. On that day, Luo Zhixiang wore a casual dress, a hat and glasses, dressed very fashionable. He joined forces with another man to throw a hot girl into the pool. After that, there were cheers. Later, the netizen has deleted the dynamic.

According to netizens, Luo Zhixiang chartered a swimming villa that day, and invited more than 20 sexy female anchors. A group of people had a good time.

Previously reported:

Want to come back? Luo Zhixiang lost 100 million due to break up

According to Taiwan media reports, Luo Zhixiangs career has been put to a halt after the breakup between Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang, according to Taiwan media reports on December 2. It is reported that after seven months of work stoppage, he lost four endorsements and three program hosts. It is estimated that he will earn about NT $600 million less (about 138 million yuan). The outside world is watching his next step, and when he will return is a key point. Piggy thinks that he never quit, so there is no saying that he will come back. During this period, there are still a lot of jobs coming to him, but he is temporarily shelving. Even the coming New Years show, he has also pushed off many offers. Piggy jokingly said with his lips, too much has been pushed off.

It is said that he will return to the front of the curtain on the 5th of this month. Taiwan media exclusive interview with piggy, chat with him about his recent mood; piggy shares these deep days, he is busy surfing, playing golf and running tide cards, and his life is full. Now his greatest satisfaction is to see his mothers smile, and at the same time, he personally confesses to Zhou Yangqing.

Luo Zhixiang (piggy) and Zhou Yangqing have been in contact for nine years. They thought each other was the other half of their life together. Until Zhou Yangqing sent out a letter denouncing Piggys cheating and three outlooks, listing the four sins of breaking up with Luo Zhixiang. All of a sudden, Zhu Yanglian completely disintegrated, and even more seriously damaged the image of piggy.

It is reported that at the end of April this year, piggy flew from Taipei to the mainland for isolation and was busy preparing for it. On April 23, he saw Zhou Yangqing suddenly send out a devastating separation article, which shocked him and left his mind blank. I have been reading it for several times, and I feel very sudden and confused. At the time, piggy apologized on Weibo, saying, sorry, I was wrong. He didnt go out until the end of the isolation. Seeing netizens calling him time management master, multi person movement and scum man, he was deeply distressed and worried about the reaction of his family at the first time.

Then, the brokerage company called. At the moment, piggy didnt want to respond. He said, I did something wrong. At that time, the only thing I could do was to send messages to people around me who had a working relationship with me and say sorry to them. Its hard to dig his heart out and narrate his state of repentance. Piggy apologized several times: I still have to solemnly say Im sorry to those who have been injured because of my mistake. At the same time, I also want to say sorry to the fans because I have made a very bad demonstration personally. I also want to say sorry to the fans, which makes you worried.

However, most netizens didnt buy his apology, saying, dont sell miserably. Can you get away with such a bad artist?

Relevant recommendation to return? Luo Zhixiang lost 100 million yuan due to the split up the city construction and management department responded that Luo Zhixiang built a swimming pool: a maximum fine of 69000 yuan can be forcibly demolished; Luo Zhixiangs transformation of the swimming pool in a 100 million top floor mansion has aroused the dissatisfaction of neighbors. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019