Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao went in and out of the same building late at night. There was a scandal between them

 Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao went in and out of the same building late at night. There was a scandal between them

Netease Entertainment reported on December 2 that recently, some media photographed a video of Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao walking in and out of the same building at night. Later, Hong Yao drove to the same underground garage and entered the same unit building with Wu Jinyan. The next morning, Wu and his assistant started work early. After a while, Hong Yao also stepped out of the unit building and lit a cigarette in the underground garage. This time, two people were photographed in and out of the same unit building, suspected romance exposure.

It is reported that the two had previously co starred in Yanxi strategy and had an affair in 18 years, but Wu Jinyan quickly denied it at that time.

Huang Jingyu responds to Wu Jinyans being suspected of workplace harassment

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 that Huang Jingyu was out of action with Wu Jingyan, raising her hair and touching her earlobe. In this regard, Huang Jingyu and Wu Jinyan made a response to the new drama directors.

Earlier, netizens posted pictures that Huang Jingyu not only lifted Wu Jingyans hair when she was standing and blowing a small electric fan, but also reached out to touch her ear lobes while she was concentrating on the script.

But Wu Jinyans expression reveals helplessness and seems to be in conflict. Therefore, the interaction between the two was questioned by many netizens as workplace harassment.

In response to this, the director of the two new plays made a response. He said that the interaction between the two actors is very demanding because of the role and character relationship. In addition, he also said: as a director, he has always believed that only when the actors are familiar with the characters can they be more realistic. Therefore, I hope everyone can focus on the play itself, and do not arbitrarily discredit all the efforts of the actors just because some people take some pictures out of context.

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