Guangzhou Nansha land price breaks record repeatedly, house price rushes to 40000 + era

 Guangzhou Nansha land price breaks record repeatedly, house price rushes to 40000 + era

The plot started shooting on November 26, and 20 real estate enterprises started a land grabbing war, including CCCC, China Resources, China shipping, poly and other central enterprises. After 62 rounds of competition, the land price reached the maximum price limit and the upper limit of competition for construction, and entered the lottery link, with a premium rate of 32.81%.

Up to now, Nansha Bay has launched 4 homesteads this year, almost all of which are sweet cakes that have been robbed by real estate enterprises. On August 12, Shandong Luneng won the 2020njy-9 plot in Nansha bay with a total price of 1.292 billion yuan and 7400 square meters of auxiliary construction. This is the first lot of lot drawing in Nansha, which is equivalent to about 19117 yuan / square meter, setting a new record of Nansha floor price at that time.

The 2020njy-16 plot won by jiazhaoye is close to the 2020njy-9 plot won by Luneng, all located to the west of Gangqian Avenue. But it took more than three months for land prices to hit new highs again, and prices soared by 18.7%.

In fact, the land market in Nansha District is also very hot this year. Several parcels of land have reached the maximum price limit and entered the lottery link. The land price has broken records repeatedly and the price is close to 20000 +. On August 20, Shenye real estate won the plot of Hengli island in Nansha by lottery, with a total price of 4.005 billion yuan and 23200 square meters of auxiliary construction, equivalent to about 19140 yuan / square meter of floor price. On November 26, after 50 rounds of quotation, Midea real estate won the plot of Hengli island in Nansha bay with a total price of 1.578.5 billion yuan and 450 square meters of construction, with a floor price of 18379 yuan per square meter.

According to Zhao Zhuowen, general manager of Guangzhou Tongchuang excellent real estate investment consulting company, 20000 + land price is within reasonable scope. After the implementation of the development planning outline of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, the governments investment in Nansha and the industrial agglomeration have promoted the regional warming up, and the expectations of the outside world and developers for Nansha have also been continuously improved. In particular, Nansha Bay is the gathering area of high-end commerce and Commerce in Nansha in the future. This place has a lot of imagination.

As for whether Nansha will enter the 20000 + era of land price, Zhao Zhuowen thinks that it mainly depends on the region. In addition to the land price, we should also see the land resources in Nansha, selling one piece less than another. In areas such as Nansha Bay, it is no problem to maintain the price (20000 +), but other sectors may not necessarily.

But Deng Haozhi, a real estate economist in Guangzhou, believes that some parts of Nansha have already seen significant bubbles. This year, Nansha Bay and Mingzhu Bay are catching up with each other and surpassing each other back and forth, constantly setting new records. The land price of Nansha Bay, which has a lot of land, is rising continuously. If it is because of the good supporting facilities and good transportation, why can the land price be so high in Hengli island and Lingshan Island, which are backward in traffic planning and a piece of barren land? These two plates are obviously hot because of heat, which is difficult to make sense in terms of logic and price comparison.

In his opinion, although Nansha is only a municipal administrative district, it presents the diversity and complexity of a citys property market, and there is obvious plate differentiation. Wanqingsha plate mainly focuses on Shenzhen customers, and the proportion of Guangzhou customers is very low; Nansha Bay and Mingzhu Bay have gone through rounds of hot speculation, but the northern plate is very cold. The cheapest new building 10000 + has a unit price of more than 40000 or even 50000. The whole Nansha property market is uneven and the market differentiation is serious.

Huang Hao (pseudonym), an intermediary in Nansha, told time finance and economics that the average price of Nansha Pearl Bay plate is between 35000 and 37000 square meters at present. That plate is positioned higher and planned to be a financial and Trade Zone, but many supporting facilities are not up, relatively desolate, and the location is relatively biased. I think it is a bit high. Huangge and Jinzhou are close to Guangzhou and popular, and their prices are low, with a unit price of about 23000 / m2.

Zhao Zhuowen said that Nansha is a city with two legs. The government has invested more than 100 billion yuan in infrastructure construction and public facilities, which has also promoted the rise of land prices and house prices. As the only coastal area in Guangzhou, the future imagination space is bigger. Compared with the housing prices in Hengqin and Qianhai free trade zones in Zhuhai, Nansha is still a low price area. Its only a matter of time before Nanshas housing prices enter the 40000 + era.