More than 70000 hand sealed sheet directly pressure drop limit, Dalian Shengya stretch can not live?

 More than 70000 hand sealed sheet directly pressure drop limit, Dalian Shengya stretch can not live?

On November 4, Dalian Shengya announced that the shares held by Xinghaiwan investment, the companys largest shareholder, were frozen due to disputes over financial loan contracts. On November 23, the company also announced that seven bank accounts of the company were frozen by the Dalian intermediate peoples court because of a lawsuit involving the equity transfer dispute. On November 26, the company further disclosed that it had received the civil ruling and notice of property preservation results and time limit issued by Zhenjiang intermediate peoples court, and 29.02% equity of Zhenjiang great white whale Ocean World Co., Ltd. held by the company was frozen for three years.

As for the freezing of bank accounts, the staff member said by telephone that the freeze has not been lifted.

In the Dalian equity war this year, WeChat official account was the main battleground. The official account was certified as the two public address of Dalian Saint Yas Dalian Saint Asia World and San Ya Ocean Conference. During this period, a number of statements were made for Yang Ziping. Recently, the Securities Daily reporter recently inquired into the two public numbers. It was discovered that after most of the executives resigned in a collective way, Yang Ziping had taken over Dalians Saint Ya after all, and this part of the official account has been deleted.

On October 31, Jingcai Shengya released two information circulars with the seal of Dalian Shengya company, which showed that in the leasing of the companys venues and shops, relevant individuals and enterprises colluded with the original management to damage the companys interests. The company has banned all of them and reported the relevant crimes to the public security organs. In November 24th, the official account further informed that the new management has made a preliminary investigation of the previous business since he entered the company in September 21, 2020. He found that the executives of Dalian Sheng Ya Yuan controlled the listed companies through the original Department of Commerce, and 27 shops were contracted to the relevant enterprises and individuals for a long time at a very low price. The circular said that the major problem was suspected of committing a crime. It has applied to Dalian Public Security Bureau for criminal investigation and called on relevant departments of Dalian to intervene in the investigation as soon as possible.

On November 25, jingcaishengya issued a notice on Yingkou Bayuquan beluga world coastal city project, saying that the new senior executives found that the companys operation was not standardized and there were illegal activities seriously damaging the interests of Listed Companies in the process of checking accounts, so they decided to conduct a comprehensive audit of the company, which was strongly resisted by the relevant parties.

For the bank accounts disclosed in the aforesaid announcement, the public number said in the bulletin that the partners of the Yingkou Bayuquan beluga world coastal city project cover up illegal purposes in the form of related transactions and do not use related measures to cover up illegal purposes, and freeze official account holders by means of litigation preservation.

A few days ago, a reporter from Securities Daily called Yang Ziping, chairman of Dalian Shengya, to understand the relevant situation. However, after the reporter reported his identity, Yang Ziping said that he had no time to hang up directly.

After the board meeting of directors of Shengya company and the board of directors of Shengya company passed two comprehensive resolutions on June 29, the board of directors of Shengya company passed two comprehensive resolutions. The above-mentioned staff said on the phone that the audit has not been completed, and no problems have been found for the time being. The results will be subject to the announcement in the future. For the content of the public address of whale color Saint Ya, it says that the official account is the companys official account, but the contents of the company are all based on the announcement.

Reporters noted that unlike the two official account numbers, the official account of whale color Saint Ya was registered in October 12, 2020, and the account principal was displayed as an individual, not Dalian San Ya company. The staff said that the situation was not clear.

The original management team and the original shareholders left collectively

Since June 29, the dispute not only attracted the attention of the capital market, but also brought profound changes to Dalian Shengya.

At the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on September 7, Yang Ziping won the overall victory. All the directors and supervisors nominated by the state-owned shareholder Xinghaiwan investment were removed at the shareholders meeting. In addition to the staff representative directors and employee representative supervisors, the rest of the board of directors and the board of supervisors were all nominated by Yang Ziping and Mao Wei.

After the interim shareholders meeting, some of the former senior executives and employees had expressed clear different opinions on the election of directors and supervisors. A few days later, five senior executives of the company collectively resigned. Subsequently, the companys staff director Xiao Feng also resigned from all positions related to the company.

The departure of most members of the former senior management team and staff directors also means that the fight for control rights which lasted more than two months has officially ended. Yang Ziping, the chairman of the board who has been blocked for several times, has officially taken over Dalian Shengya. Securities Daily reporter noted that after the dispute, some original shareholders also began to withdraw. According to the third quarter report disclosed by the company, in the third quarter of this year, Liaoning Mike group reduced its holding of 1217800 shares, and Shenzhou Entertainment City, another original shareholder, has also withdrawn from the list of top ten shareholders.

In addition, for Dalian Shengya has been sued one after another recently, some informed people told reporters that after the new management took over, many projects under construction in Dalian Shengya have stopped.

If there is an account, Im not afraid to check it out. No one can run away. The responsibility that should be borne will be borne. Many projects are coming to an end. If we stop to do it now, it will have a great impact on the company. The person familiar with the matter said, its OK to audit or audit accounts, but at the same time, we should also do a good job in the companys operation. If the enterprise turns yellow, its not good for anyone.

Since the second half of 2019, the stock price of Shengting has been stable since the second half of 2019. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the business venues were closed twice this year, the revenue fell sharply, and the profits suffered a large loss. However, these did not seem to have an impact on the companys share price. The sudden drop limit on December 1 surprised the market.

Trading data showed that Dalian Shengya had a one word limit on December 1, with a turnover rate of only 0.14% and a turnover of 6.911 million yuan.

The voting results at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders show that there are only 3000 shareholders in total, and dozens of shareholders hold shares, accounting for nearly 80% of the total share capital. Dalian Shengya theme, performance are not any bright spot, but the stock price has been high, the reasons behind it are intriguing. A market person in an interview with the Securities Daily said, now all talk about value investment. Its useless to hold on. If one day the tension does not stop, the valuation will naturally return, and the fall limit of Dalian Shengya has also sounded an alarm for investors.

(editor Shangguan Menglu)