The novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed by Wang Yiren Jin Shixian, member of EVERGLOW of Lok Wah entertainment.

 The novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed by Wang Yiren Jin Shixian, member of EVERGLOW of Lok Wah entertainment.

Wang Yiren Jin Shixian confirms novel coronavirus pneumonia

NetEase entertainment reported novel coronavirus pneumonia on December 1st. In December 1st, the official account of Lok entertainment was released on social platforms, and its EVERGLOW members Wang Yiren and Jin Shixian confirmed the new crown pneumonia.

Wang Yiren, a member of everglow, recently received a notice of contact with the confirmed patient. Subsequently, all everglow members were examined. After that, Jin Shixian, a member of Wang Yirens dormitory, was also confirmed to be positive, while the other four members were negative.

The announcement is as follows:

Hello, this is Lehua.

Here to convey the news that everglow new crown test is positive.

Pleasant people recently heard that acquaintances around the diagnosis, in the health authorities applied for and carried out a spontaneous test, 1 night received the diagnosis judgment.

After living together, the members of the group also tested, Shi Xian was also judged positive, and her four members tested negative.

The artists, staff and staff who have overlapped or contacted with the combined moving line have done or are about to do the test. If there is any abnormality after confirming the situation, follow-up measures and additional moving line investigation will be taken.

Yi Ren Shi Xian, who is determined to be positive, will comply with the guidelines of the epidemic prevention authorities. Although her members and close contact staff are negative, they will be isolated for two weeks.

We will actively assist the governments policy, comprehensively inspect the companys overall epidemic prevention and the risk of additional infection, and make greater efforts to manage all artists.

Im very sorry to worry you.

Previously reported:

Several South Korean dramas have confirmed that the shooting of new crown has been suspended, including the hit drama top floor

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24 that according to South Korean media, many South Korean drama troupes have confirmed the new crown and suspended filming, including the attic and my spy which are on the air, as well as the upcoming river with the moon rising, BaoFan, snow drop flower, Sisyphus, hush and King Zheren, etc., with a total of 10 plays.

Several South Korean drama groups have confirmed the new crown stop shooting

A novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first group to be diagnosed. The group show had previously overlapped with the other crews confirmed group shows moving route, so he was examined and diagnosed during the examination. After learning about this, we stopped all the filming according to the epidemic prevention policy and followed the instructions of the epidemic prevention authorities. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now being played in a single play. We told that the staff and actors who had overlapping their routes should immediately undergo the new crown pneumonia examination. We will do our best to stop the spread of the epidemic and ensure the safety of the actors and staff.

Still photos of TV drama top floor

Although we are not the main actors or staff, we are paying attention to epidemic prevention in order not to affect the shooting as much as possible, said a TV station related person.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322