Li Xiaolus domineering voice: live your life well

 Li Xiaolus domineering voice: live your life well

It is reported that all the news surrounding Li Xiaolu has been somewhat negative since her divorce. In the face of doubts and indifference from the outside world, Li Xiaolu also showed a good attitude towards the outside world.

Li Xiaolu talks about bad comments: live your life well

Previously, in the face of a media question, people say you play a good hand poorly, how do you think of this evaluation? Li Xiaolu said three words - not important. She said that there are always high and low points in life, as long as you do what you think is right and kind.

A few days ago, Li Xiaolu also shared a video of taking her daughter, Tianxin, to visit the Forbidden City at the weekend on social networking platforms. She was wearing a blue sportswear, while Tianxin was in red. In order to record the rare travel time with her daughter, Li Xiaolu also specially took a photographer to follow the whole journey.

Li Xiaolu takes her daughter Tianxin to the Forbidden City

Maybe its because she didnt go out to play with her mother for a long time. Tianxin was excited all the way. She was very cute all the way. When she was tired, she asked her mother to carry her back. Now that Tianxin is eight years old, she has grown a lot taller. Of course, her weight has also increased. Li Xiaolu is obviously struggling to carry her daughter. When she has a good rest, she turns up her somersault excitedly and is very naughty.

In addition, Li Xiaolu rarely called her daughter Jia Tianxin when she called her name, which also aroused speculation. Tianxin is the girls nickname, and her name is Jia Yunxin. Now Li Xiaolu calls her daughters nickname, but she has added her surname. Many netizens wonder if she cant let go of her ex husband Jia Nailiang.

However, when asked about her emotional status, Li xiaolulian said many times that no, no, no, no. After calming down, she said, my feeling is sweet. Li Xiaolu finally refused to share the current view of love and marriage.

Li Xiaolu and Tian Xin

Not long ago, Tian Xin was invited to participate in the piano solo in the concert hall, and her performance was highly praised. On the same day, the children wore a light blue yarn and a fairy dress, and wore a White Velvet headwear on the head. The eye shadow was also a blue powder match with the dress theme. After the dress up, she had the feeling of Aisha, the main theme of the animation.

Sweet sweet

It is reported that Tian Xin is a special guest of the show. In the past, every year, the organizers would select gifted and capable children to perform as special guests to show their achievements in one years study. This is also Tian Xins second performance. The piano solo is very good. After the childrens performance video came out on that day, netizens exclaimed that she was well educated by her mother and could be expected in the future.

Sweet sweet

Tian Xin came into the public view because of her participation in the parent-child variety show Dad is back with Jia Nailiang. At that time, she was just a child who couldnt speak clearly and looked very ordinary. Because of the sharp language, the men who could move their hands and never move their mouths, their personalities were numerous.

However, since her parents divorced, Tian Xin seems to have changed her personality. She has grown up quite a bit. She always looks cute and cute when she appears on camera. Fortunately, although Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu are separated, they raise their children together. The man often takes his daughter out to play, and the parent-child relationship is very strong.

Jia Nailiang and Tian Xin

Anyway, I hope that Tianxin can grow up happily!

If 2020 is an unsettled year in the entertainment industry, then 2017 is also a turbulent year for Li Xiaolu.

After an award ceremony, Li Xiaolu went to a restaurant in Lido, Beijing. After about two hours, Li Xiaolu and pgone came out of the restaurant. They came to Li Xiaolus white Bentley and waited for it to come out. After that, the party left the restaurant and went to Lido No. 1. Li Xiaolu and pgone got off the car first. Pgone leaned close to Li Xiaolu, and the relationship was very good.

At this time, Li Xiaolus husband Jia Nailiang is live. It happened that a talkative netizen asked where is my sister-in-law?? Jia Nailiang giggled and said that his wife had made her hair beautiful.

At 2:40 a.m., the lights of pgones house were also turned off, but the photographer did not wait for Li Xiaolu to come out.

On October 30, 19, a private video of pgone and Li Xiaolu was exposed, and then pgone sent a response, saying that the video was shot in March and April of 18, and admitted to having loved Li Xiaolu. After the exposure of the incident, the two triggered widespread controversy.

Later, pgone talked about the scandal which caused a lot of uproar, saying that if you are wrong, you are wrong. I dont want to say what happened in the middle, because I cant tell you clearly. Everything has two sides. I should bear something that men should bear when they do something wrong. But where Im right, why do you scold me? Its ok if you scold me or you scold me. But you scold me for being sorry for the Honghua society. Its ridiculous that you said that I betrayed my brother. I had the idea of suicide at that time..

Pgone admits that he has seen the worlds human life in recent years. Although he still has friends in the performing arts circle, he dare not play with his friends. Its not good for you to make photos. he has never thought about the future. Now he just wants to see the present.

Li Xiaolu looks back on the road at night with a smile and a lonely look

In November, Li Xiaolu posted a video on the social platform with the text: may you still smile like a child in the troubled days. In the photo, Li Xiaolu is on the road at night, looking back with a smile and a lonely look. Some netizens said that the article was suspected to be responding to the interview of pgone exposure.

Interview with pgone

In any case, divorce is a fact. Now, Jia Nailiang is working hard to give Tian Xin a better life. In order to give Tian Xin a better life, he once joked about giving her to Zhang Yixing as an intern in Zhang Yixings live room. Li Xiaolu takes care of her wholeheartedly, hoping that they can all have a good development.

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