In a set or earn 5 million! The Shenzhen municipal government has just made an emergency move

 In a set or earn 5 million! The Shenzhen municipal government has just made an emergency move

According to the latest instructions of the Shenzhen municipal government, the sales plan of Vankes Shanhai home has been adjusted, the announcement said. At present, the company has sorted out the list of customers who have passed the sincere registration examination and the fund freezing, and will submit the list to the relevant government verification departments to check the information of social security age and feed back to the company according to the ranking of social security years. Vanke will rank the customers according to their social security years, and then select the customers with the highest social security years in the ranking according to the ratio of 1:5 based on the current available housing resources to participate in the lottery.

The announcement said that the company will be the first time to publicize the final good faith registration list, and the official shortlisted customers will be issued with a good faith registration number. During the adjustment of the sales plan, buyers can call the companys consultation telephone to apply for fund unfreezing. If the buyer applies for unfreezing funds, it will be regarded as giving up this housing selection.

Prior to that, on November 30, Vanke Shanhai home had issued an announcement to remind buyers of market change risks and loan risks. The announcement said that in view of the phenomenon of hit the new craze in Shenzhen, the relevant regulatory authorities would not rule out the introduction of policies to guarantee the implementation of the policy of no speculation in housing and prompt the risk of house buyers on behalf of their owners.

Vanke mountain sea home

In the first set, or earn 5 million

Why does Vanke frequently issue risk tips? And Shenzhen property market hit new hot inseparable from the relationship.

Undoubtedly, Vanke mountain sea home for investors, but also a good opportunity to make new money.

According to the sales plan of Wanke Shanhai homestead, the project can sell 260 residential units with a building area of 127-190 m2 and 47 Commercial units with a building area of 21-263 m2. Sales are carried out by means of offline bona fide registration notarization lottery offline housing selection offline contract signing.

Registration in good faith: from 18:00 on November 26 to 9:00-12:00 on November 27, prospective purchasers shall submit relevant materials of purchase qualification certificate on Vanke e housing selection platform, and pay 2 million yuan / set of bona fide registration after passing the examination, and the sincere registration time shall end at 18:00 on November 28.

In the morning of November 30, the lottery will be held in the morning, and offline housing will be selected in the afternoon. No room is preferred.

Vanke lishanhai home is located in the west of the intersection of Qianhai road and Lihai 2nd Road in Nanshan District, close to the core area of Qianhai district. It is less than 600 meters away from Yihai station of Metro Line 9, adjacent to several main roads.

In addition, the project is also backed by Nanshan experimental education group Nanhai middle school, which is only 300 meters away from Lilin primary school, which has good educational resources.

In the past two years, the area where the project is located can be described as the network red area of Shenzhen, and is one of the areas with the fastest increase in house prices in Shenzhen. The second-hand house prices of the Nord sun garden and Dingtai Fenghua near the property have reached the level of 140000 and 150000 yuan.

Shenzhen responds to house snatching

Recently, Nanshan district network red plate, China Resources City Runxi phase I opened, with the lowest price of 10 million starting houses, obtained 9687 valid good faith registration numbers, and frozen funds as high as 33.905 billion yuan! After the opening of the project, 1171 suites were sold out in 13 hours, with a collection of 19.6 billion yuan. Why is the starting house so popular? It is reported that due to the inverted prices of first-hand and second-hand houses, one set of the real estate will earn at least 5 million yuan. According to media reports, this has attracted many investors to hold real estate speculation on their behalf.

In this regard, on November 30, Zhang xuefan, director of Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau and Secretary of the Party group, responded in an interview with the media that the competent government departments attach great importance to it and are investigating and dealing with the situation of speculation in real estate on behalf of the media. Once any illegal behavior is found, it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations.

At the same time, in view of the current inverted prices of first-hand and second-hand housing prices and the medias reflection of holding and speculation on behalf of others, the government departments are studying comprehensive control policies to resolutely crack down on speculation and speculation in the market.