Zhao Liying and Wang Yibos new play Q Poster

 Zhao Liying and Wang Yibos new play Q Poster

Q version poster of you Fei looks like pleasant goat and grey wolf

As a matter of fact, the play had been finished as early as April. On October 27, the official publicized the poster, and fans could not help feeling that they were really looking forward to the stars and the moon. They laughed that they had become Granny of Youfei, but the poster made everyone scared. The poster takes the blue sea wave as the background. The actors are in the sea wave. Everyone puts his own unique pose. It should be a handsome poster photo of the official propaganda, but it has a flavor of Eight Immortals crossing the sea.

Poster of Eight Immortals crossing the sea

Before that, the TV series was also full of twists and turns: after the magic reform event, there were two female masters. As the first play of Zhao Liyings postpartum comeback, Zhao Liyings partner Wang Yibo, a popular young student in you Fei, makes the audience very expectant.

As for the plot, it can be said that people are heartstrings: many years ago, the great Xia Nan Dao Li Zheng was ordered to be a bandit. Since then, there have been 48 villages. After Li Zheng died of illness, the famous families in the world were also defeated. Li Zhengs daughter, Li Jinrong, took over as the leader and married Zhou Yitang. A daughter of the Zhou family was growing up, but the dynasty of Zhou Fei was in decline. The brilliance and vigor of the predecessors gradually disappeared after the death of Nandao Li Zheng.

Zhou Fei ran away from home when he was 13 years old. He almost died in ximojiang. He was rescued by Xie Yun, the king of Duan. He made a good relationship in the dark. Three years later, the two young men met again in huojiapu, leading to various masters who had been hiding in the lake many years ago. At the same time, they were chased and killed by seven Beidou masters under the thieves of Cao, which made the two teenagers fall into a conspiracy of turbulent undercurrent. Zhou Fei is famous in the world for his skills of breaking the snow blade. With his bold posture, he adds a heavy color to the list of the rivers and lakes.

Many netizens believe that you Fei is quite the flavor of Longmen Inn in those years. It interweaves the rivers and lakes with chaotang power and opens up a bloody, gratitude and resentment. At that time, there was Zhou Huaian in Longmen Inn, while Zhou Fei was in this one. After going through difficulties, Zhou Feis snow breaking sword has finally become a great success, adding a heavy ink to the river and lake with the style of chivalrous women.

Looking back on the last martial arts masterpiece, we should also count the Tianya Mingyue Dao in 2010. Counting the time, there has been no good martial arts film published for 8 years. Of course, there must be love between children and girls in the lake. The love story between the girl next door Zhou Fei and Duan Wang Xieyun adds a pink emotional color to the river and lake.

Zhao Liying as Zhou Fei

Wang Yibo acts as Xie Yun

In todays time when fantasy movies are in vogue, its really eye-catching to have such a martial arts film.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jiang caiwen_ NBJS12656