Guo Donglins sons star path is dim, but blind date rejected at 30

 Guo Donglins sons star path is dim, but blind date rejected at 30

My father and I change roles

At that time, this sketch not only won the laughter, but also aroused peoples thinking about the relationship between parents and children. After the Spring Festival Gala, Xie Yunshan also ushered in the climax of performing arts. Everyone knew this little bald head.

Its a pity that this honor did not last long.

He is also faced with the anxiety of child star transformation. If you want to wear a crown, you must bear the heavy burden. he who bears the light must pay more efforts than others in order to be recognized. In the face of such pressure, he became at a loss.

Xie Yunshan

When his career was flat, Xie Yunshans emotional road was frequently blocked. He was rejected by many women in his blind date, so that he is still single at the age of 30.

Xie Yunshan is not without efforts, but his efforts have not been effective in the end, so he has become a past child star in peoples eyes. For him, growth is a barrier, and his life is subverted. However, Xie Yunshan has not been immersed in the mood of failure, he adjusted his mentality, let himself start again, and now he has successfully transformed into a director.

Xie Yunshan

As the saying goes, its early to be famous. But even if it is early enough to become famous, because the change of capital is faster than the growth time of child stars, most child stars also face the stage of no drama to shoot in advance.

Cao Jun

After 2010, inner entertainment child stars are going deep into industrialization, aiming at those parents who are eager for success. Companies specialized in training small artists have come to an end. The most famous one is Li Feis 18th floor.


Han Haolin, a 4-year-old actor, was invited to shoot a promotional film of Shanghai Disneyland by her mothers drying baby on Weibo at the age of 4.

Han Haolin

The identity of child star brings them a short-term glory. For generations of different capitals and spectators, children who have enjoyed the short dividend period have to make their own transition if they want to continue.

Zhang Yishan is lucky.

Recently, with the new version of Lu Ding Ji broadcast, Zhang Yishan, who plays Wei Xiaobao in the play, has been controversial. In the recent interview, he responded to his performance in the play by make complaints about acting like monkeys. I feel normal, because I am a monkey, he said. You have to believe in the Chinese zodiac. Its normal to have a monkey feeling. Its in your bones.

Zhang Yishan

Yang Zi is also lucky.

With the popularity of Ode to joy, Yang Zis popularity continued to grow. She said she finally had a choice!

Todays Yang Zi, from fragrant honey to dear beloved, has finally become one of the first-line actresses, and her commercial value has been recognized. She said that she would be cautious to accept Xianxia drama or ancient puppet drama in the future, and she did not want to kill her popularity and fix her own drama path in the flow drama. At present, by her and Xiao Zhan starring the rest of life please give more advice will also be broadcast.

More advice for the rest of your life

Wu Lei is also lucky.

Now he is a very active little fresh meat on the screen. From the mischievous little Nezha in Fengshenbang Qishan to the young Yang Guo in the original heroes of the gods, Hu Yifeng in the later whirlwind girl, and even in the film Asura, Wu Lei has completed his own transformation step by step. In the new drama Sha Hai, Wu Lei plays the leading role of Li Cong. At the beginning, many people didnt like Wu Lei and thought he was too young. But later, Wu Lei won the audiences approval and love through his acting skills.

Wu Lei

Hu Xianxu is also lucky.

Whether its the naughty Zhang Xiaoyu in little farewell or Xiao Yuanshi in langyabang 2, they are all impressive.

Hu Xianxu

Recently, with the help of chess soul, Hu Xianxu has become quite popular. This drama should be regarded as the dark horse at the end of 2020, which can be called a reversal of the wind. At first make complaints about the TV series, and the play of Chu Ying completely mimic the Japanese mandate. Many people make complaints about it. They also say they want to boycott the play. As a result, the TV shows have been turned around after half a month of silence, and many of the audience have really been fragrant.

Whats more exaggerated is the Douban rating of qihun. At first, the score was average, and then it began to increase silently. It directly reached the 8.0 threshold for judging high-quality dramas. Then, it made great progress all the way to 8.3 and 8.4.

Chess soul Douban score 8.4

Really can turn red again from the child star, the number of broken fingers is also so some. If not that luck and talent, and others in the race when the fall behind, once red has become a shackle can not get rid of. If you are lucky, you will find your own way to open up after ups and downs, walk on the right track, win a new masterpiece, and advance to become a more excellent actor!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jiang caiwen_ NBJS12656